Camelot & Vine (Paperback)

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About the Author

Petrea Burchard's acting career morphed into writing with 'Act As If,'her online humor column about the acting life. 'Camelot & Vine' is her first novel.

Praise for Camelot & Vine…

King Arthur, time travel, Hollywood, and danger in the Dark Ages. What’s not to like?

What if you got away from it all … only to find it waiting for you?

“This novel is pure escapism, but reminds us that we can never escape ourselves.”
— Goodreads review

What people are saying about Camelot & Vine…

“Camelot & Vine is a clever intersection of a delightful contemporary heroine and well-researched historical fiction. Petrea Burchard has used the beloved Arthurian legend as the background for a great time-traveling tale that becomes a personal journey for her main character and for us as readers…It’s filled with humor, myth, warmth, wisdom and a loyal steed! What more could you ask for in a book?” — Lian Dolan, LA Times best-selling author of Helen of Pasadena, blogger and Chaos Chronicles podcaster

“It is the rare book that makes me banish the family and hole up in my room turning page after page, but Camelot & Vine is just that book…The fact that it also includes…a sexy King Arthur for grown ups makes it the perfect indulgence for those days when you just need to live in another millennium.” — Margaret Finnegan, author of The Goddess Lounge:

“This captivating tale takes readers on a journey from a Hollywood set to King Arthur’s castle, and it has it all: adventure, humor, love, and peril. A fresh take on the legend of Camelot.” – Colleen Dunn Bates, Founder/Publisher of Prospect Park Books
Product Details ISBN-10: 0985883715
ISBN-13: 9780985883713
Published: Boz Books, 03/01/2013
Pages: 282
Language: English