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Colorful Lives: A Coloring - Tanka Poetry Book (Paperback)

Colorful Lives: A Coloring - Tanka Poetry Book Cover Image
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A book of tanka poetry with photos and illustrations inspired by the poetry. The illustrations can be colored in by readers.

Praise For…

"Colourful Lives, a coloring book, by Genie Nakano, is a new collection of her tanka. The book is beautifully illustrated with artwork by Alvin Takamori and photography by Genie and Alvin. The poet's work is rich in observed intensities, the poems radiating out from her imagination and experiences. Place, nature and memory are the compelling themes here. The poet's energy is productively engaged with the experiencing and voicing of the world in all its riches. Her work reveals a searching, scrupulous intelligence and an exciting willingness to engage language and experience at the deepest level, while retaining measure and control in form and content." - Patricia Prime

In this fun and whimsical book, Genie Nakano has collected 21 tanka sequences that are lighthearted and playful, written in a tone that should appeal to both young and old. The cherry on top: graphic artist Alvin Takamori’s delightful, “ready to color” illustrations, creating a book that is interactive on more than one level. Color me engaged.

a fresh page
to turn and write on
coming soon . . .
clear the air
I’m sprouting wings
—from the opening sequence “A New Year”
- Margaret Dournas, Reviews, editor of Ribbons Tanka Journal

The best way to describe Colorful Lives, the Coloring Tanka Poetry Book, is through an analogy of Feng Shui. Whether intended or not, the book presents a complete harmony of mood, creativity, artistry and intelligence and with the unique twist of being for adults! The layout, artwork, colors, photos and Tanka poetry contained therein create a harmonious blend of ying and yang. Working through the book in this humble reader's view, is a positive, relaxing and inspirational experience and which will not infringe on people around you as does toying with your Smartphone! - Kinji Inomata

"I love this book! Genie Nakano is master of the tanka, a form of Japanese poetry whose introduction to Americans is long overdue. The twenty one tanka series in this book are accessible, fun, and deceptively simple on first reading, then reveal layers of meaning with repeat reading. The beautiful illustrations, both photographic and drawn, make this a book to savor with all the senses." - Laurel Gold

"Colorful Lives is a collection of Tanka poems which are both heartfelt and beautiful. Coloring the poems' illustrations encourages us to visualize and reflect upon the themes of each poem. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this process. The photos are equally evocative. Colorful Lives appeals to all ages. I look forward to future collaborations of Tanka poet, Genie Nakano and artist, Alvin Takamori." - Christine Chuman

"As a graphic designer myself, I feel that Alvin Takamori's design of Colorful Lives is stunning, eye-catching, and truly compliments the rich and often vivid imagery reflected in the writing. But it takes nothing away from the legibility and clean layout of the text which are very important in a book. The coloring book theme is also thoughtful, charming, and adds a delightfully interesting contrast to all the beautiful featured photography. The cover grabs your attention and the overall aesthetic of the book carries it from start to finish." - Suzanne Feyche

Product Details
ISBN: 9780990895312
Publisher: Chin Music Press
Publication Date: November 7th, 2016