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Eleven Days: From 35 Million to Food Stamps... What a Family Gains When Losing the American Dream (Paperback)

Eleven Days: From 35 Million to Food Stamps... What a Family Gains When Losing the American Dream Cover Image
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"Raw. Honest. Truly captivating. Seemingly ordinary people, share an extraordinary journey in Cochrane's seek and rescue mission where she finds a clearer understanding of self, others and circumstance. She shares this story with transparency while wrapped in humor and insightful intensity with her honest discoveries of who she is, and in some ways who we all are." Karen Callan - Author of Just In Time

In her 30s, Judy Cochrane had by most standards realized the American Dream. In 2000, her husband Bill's start-up company sold for 90 million. Their college romance and tireless work ethic built a bright future for their family, as well as a portfolio of 35 million. But just as the stars aligned for the 90 million sale of their company, they also fell apart; from living in a gated home perched on a mountaintop in Tucson, Arizona to life in a beat-up rental, without job security and on food stamps.

With pressure at every turn: 3 young kids, a failing economy, health concerns, a troubled marriage, and the loss of everything the family had built, time alone and getting grounded, seemed impossible. With what little faith she could muster, she sought for a miracle. It came in the form of an 11- day housesitting opportunity in Santa Barbara, California. During Cochrane's quest, her spiritual guides and new friends included: a surfer-musician, a dying writing professor, an Episcopal minister, a gifted intuitive healer, a pair of tattoo artists, a septuagenarian yoga practitioner, a homeless preacher, a foul-mouthed auto mechanic, two dogs and a cat and the Pacific Ocean.

Since starting 11 DAYS, she's passionately and gratefully inspired to write more works. These are coming soon: included are excerpts for J.C. Cochrane's next books:

CARRY ON - the secret language, lessons and heart wrenching love a family experiences when a child endures addiction. (copyright 2015)

YOU CRACK ME UP - from broken bones to broken homes and monsters, bullies & stuff. One of 11 books in the children's series -- OAKIE DOAKIE (copyright 2015)

Judy Cochrane lives in Tucson, Arizona and Dallas, Texas with her husband, Bill, and off and on, with her three college-aged children. She often drops everything to get to the beach.

About the Author

Judy Cochrane was born March 13th 1965 outside Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo Grove until the age of 15, when she attended high school in Glenview, Illinois. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University where she studied Consumer Affairs and Marketing. Over the last 25 years, trying to unveil grace where there was grit, she sought help and now holds numerous certifications in various alternative health modalities: hypnotherapist, neuro linguistic practitioner (NLP), yoga teacher, reiki master, meditation facilitator and others...that have to do with art, music & believing there is good in the world. For the past decade, Cochrane has solely operated her business www.spiritualitee.com (pronounced: spirituality) designing and selling inspirational clothing, jewelry, print art and media online and at conventions. This company was created during the eleven DAYS story. She now also designs lines of products for other authors and speakers. Her inspirational products and tees can now be found on her author website: JCCOCHRANE.COM. She received C's in English in high school and college, and never aspired to be a writer. After her 11-day house-sitting experience and with encouragement by a university writing professor to write the story just as she would tell it, she did just that. It took a decade to start the project and only a few months to complete a first draft. In order to get a better understanding of the fluctuating publishing industry, she opted to start her own publishing company and to self-publish under herself.
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ISBN: 9780997692303
ISBN-10: 0997692308
Publisher: R House Publishing
Publication Date: November 17th, 2016
Pages: 398
Language: English