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At the Crossroad (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781499035445
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Published: Xlibris Corporation, 8/2014

With visually stunning imagery, At the Crossroad is set in the steamy, smoldering Middle East during the 1950s and 1960s. Four young lives are intertwined by the political and cultural circumstances of this era. With an unforgettable narrative of love and sacrifice, the book offers romance, adventure, joy and tragedy.


ISBN-13: 9781499084788
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Published: Xlibris Corporation, 11/2014

Nana is seeking a connection to her inner Spirit. Her granddaughter, Lily-Rose, helps her by creating a special experience which ends up surprising and amazing both of them. Their imaginative travel takes them into magical and real, inner and outer worlds. In this delightful story, the reader learns about shamanic ritual and journey work. Also, the reader learns that the old fashioned idea, “Children should be seen and not heard.” is incorrect. Actually, children should be seen and heard; someone young can instruct someone old. Wisdom and knowledge can be found in humans of all ages.


ISBN-13: 9780991124107
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Salor Press, 12/2014

On the eve of war and destruction, an Armenian family tries to maintain its traditional way of life in this historical novel. Powerful and sensitive, this tragic novel helps illuminate a historical episode still too little known or acknowledged.


ISBN-13: 9780986420634
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Tim Burgess, 3/2015

It’s the summer of ‘67 and all Liam Sol wants is to ride the perfect wave and sleep with the prettiest girls. But when his father’s murdered body is found washed ashore, he launches his own investigation into his father’s death — against the warnings of the police and his family.


ISBN-13: 9781452521831
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Balboa Press, 9/2014

Most of us live our lives worn out with stress, anxiety, and emotional chaos. Moreover, the law of adaptations shows us that the more we experience any internal state, the more it becomes the operating system of our life. From Mindfulness to Heartfulness offers another path. It invites you on your own transformative journey to live life at your fullest capacity. It will show you how you have become who you are, and it will offer you a blueprint for change. It will show you how heartfulness, embodied, calms the threat and fear that so often consumes you, and it will offer you a step-by-step approach to one of calm and connection, including a loving connection with yourself.


ISBN-13: 9781634439329
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Vagabundo Magazine, 8/2014

"James Dorsey is no ordinary travel writer. In this remarkable book he takes us inside remote cultures many will be surprised to learn still exist. The author's fascination with remote lands and ancient practices of their inhabitants makes him as much a participant as an observer. That a 21st-century man could invoke the spirit of a Stanley or a Shackleton makes it a must read." - Dick Russell, author of "Eye of the Whale".


JON FIXX (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780986445606
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Quercus Publishing, 1/2015

JON FIXX is a clever thriller dressed up in the trappings of a misguided romance. The novelty of writing love stories as wedding gifts has worn thin for Jon as his own love life falls to pieces. But when Mafia Don Tony Vespucci comes knocking, Vespucci won’t take no for an answer. As Jon’s choices carry him deeper into the dark nexus of the FBI and La Cosa Nostra, Jon realizes what he writes could have life or death consequences. With an easy-to-read pulp fiction style and enough twists to make Agatha Christie happy, JON FIXX is a page turner.


ISBN-13: 9780986227417
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Khatera Ghazanfar, 11/2014

Mama Cow and Elsie have their whole worlds shattered when Farmer Ed, their gentle owner, is forced to sell his small farm to a commercial farmer because he is no longer able to compete with the commercial farms. They are taken from a place where they are loved and safe, to a place where they are lost in a sea of cows fated to become someone’s meal. But through Mama Cow’s sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice a mother can make for a child, Elsie manages to escape her fate with the help of a young bull, Sonny. Elsie and Sonny then embark on a journey to find the great land in the east they have heard about, where cows are sacred and reign high. They are swept away on an adventure that at times is hilarious, heartbreaking, and death defying, but always keeps the reader in suspense.


ISBN-13: 9781631925757
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: BookBaby, 3/2015

Do these people have anything in common?






They were all CROQUET enthusiasts! And if that's not enough to get you intrigued….you can add to this list King Charles II of England, The Prince of Wales, President James Garfield and… Blackjack the cat!


Before the Flock (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780615790817
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Osric Enterprises, Inc., 3/2014

It's the waning days of the 1980s and Kurt Franklin, headman for Thunderstick, the "New Romantic" alt-rock band is signed to a major label and on the brink of success. Unfortunately he is also off his meds and convinced his songs and the group's imminent success are divinely ordained. In walks Sophie Clark, a teenage supermodel who dabbles in witchcraft. She finds respite from her own fast and fierce education on the catwalks and casting couches in a love triangle that might rip the band apart. The parallel plots in Before the Flock, says Kirkus Reviews, "artfully converge into a blur of rock gigs, sex and expository melodrama--all depicted with pitch-perfect clarity."


ISBN-13: 9780578154121
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Osric Enterprises, Inc., 1/2015

William Bradford Bugg has almost everything: an enviable collection of pop, modern and contemporary art, a yacht, a Maybach with a driver, a seat on the Grand Council of Foundations, a keenly decorated manse and a bright orange Aston Martin. Unfortunately, he has no heart. His second one has just given out and he desperately needs a third. While he waits in a state of suspended animation for another chance at life, he wonders if he really ever lived at all.


ISBN-13: 9780983745648
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dunham Books, 9/2011

Don't just set the table-set the mood. This is the advice that daytime's bad boy, Sean Kanan-Deacon Sharpe in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful-has shared only with his closest friend's until now. Sean is witty, funny and, most importantly, tells it like it is as he guides you to creating meaningful connection through the art of cooking and entertaining, all the while never compromising what it means to be a guys guy. The Modern Gentleman isn't just a book; it's a movement whose time has come.The Modern Gentleman doesn't just speak to men. Women will be fascinated to gain insider information about how guys think. Remember ladies: knowledge is power.Let's face it. In today's confusing social landscape littered with mixed signals, guys are understandably confused and frustrated. Are we supposed to be Mr. Sensitive-guy-good-listener, or the Alpha male, or somewhere in between? If you don't know the answer, then you should read this book.

To find out more about Sean and
see Sean's Recipe of the Month visit his website here.  


After Midnight (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781502859143
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 12/2014

A poignant story about letting go of anger and fear, After Midnight explores Raidy Finley’s romance with the peculiar Samuel and her friendship with fellow social outsiders Carlos and Marcy. Through tragedy, difficulty and danger she discovers what they have in common matters more than their differences.


ISBN-13: 9780893049706
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Cross Cultural Communications, 6/2014

Poetry. Art. Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, painter, poet, writer, in this her 16th book (including bilingual editions in Korean and Romanian), expresses in paintings and poetry the sacred merging of love into the Beloved. "Here Rumi elopes with Chagall in a dance of color, compassion, and sensuality" (Dr. Darin Deterra, psychotherapist, author). An exhibit book of showings at the Shreveport and Santa Barbara Karpeles Library and Museum, this is a stunning publication.


ISBN-13: 9780990674207
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Pacific Bookworks, 2/2015

Immigrant Soldier, The Story of a Ritchie Boy, based on the true experiences of a refugee from Nazi Germany, combines a coming of age story with an immigrant tale and a World War II adventure. On a cold November morning in 1938, Herman watches in horror as his cousin is arrested. As a Jew, he realizes it is past time to flee Germany, a decision that catapults him from one adventure to another, his life changed forever by the gathering storm of world events. Gradually, Herman evolves from a frustrated teenager, looking for a place to belong, into a confident U.S. Army Intelligence officer who struggles with hate and forgiveness.


Demon's Prize (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780991123902
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Lightand Dark Imagination, 12/2014

For months, socially withdrawn Dr. Brent Carson has been reading about women being abducted throughout the city, the most recent article revealing how all of them may have been practitioners of witchcraft. Out of curiosity, Brent decides to personally investigate what is going on, but is distracted when four friends move to the city, all of whom he knows to be werewolves – except for Angela Dane, who is only half.


The Merry Tots (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9781480903821
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dorrance Publishing, 4/2014

Childhood learning is made up of memorable experiences. During those happy, carefree days, we played hopscotch, tag, jacks, cowboys and Indians, Red Rover and hide-and-seek. Thus, begins the story of Penelope Poole. Each summer she visits her Aunt Melissa, makes new friends and forms a club called The Merry Tots. The girls start a newspaper called The Tots Tattler. Not selling many newspapers, however, creates a problem for them. How will they solve this problem? Will they be successful? What life values will they learn?


Without Anesthesia (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781937543709
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Jaded Ibis Press, 11/2014

“Dear Tess, we cut you up today.” So ends and begins the disturbing and provocative story of Tess, a third-year medical student whose compulsive desire to feel her patients’ pain leads her to destruct her own body by methods both horrific and creative. When Tess’s narrative intersects with similarly obsessive characters, the distinctions between fiction and reality, between art and medicine, are called into question. Without Anesthesia spans time periods and settings — from 1920’s Hollywood to late 1990’s New York — and culminates in an ending that Alfred Hitchcock himself would approve.


A is for Artichoke by Sally Rightor Parks
Model: 11-99-54669-0

This alphabet book aims not only to teach the alphabet, but to present the natural world in all it’s beauty and complexity and to encourage interesting and healthy eating habits.

The watercolors, done by Sally Rightor Parks represent a vegatable, fruit or flower for each letter. Often in the border the leaf and the flower show the plant in different stages of development.

The colors in the book range from muted and soft to bright and bold. Introducing the reader to the variety of color found in the natural world. Seven languages are used in naming the edibles; African, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

In keeping with the present times, healthy food and the preservation of the planet and it’s peoples is the underlying theme.

It is a book for parents and children to enjoy together.


I Love You Like... (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780578133065
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Valleyheart Productions, 2/2015

Accompany little Alexander as he takes an imaginative journey playing in his toy chest. Follow along with each character that he brings to life and experience the joy it brings to all!


ISBN-13: 9780991366699
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Linda Rappoport, 9/2014

Three women get entangled in a web of terror and death when a sadistic murderer targets one and ensnares the other two. A Park Ranger with a past she doesn’t want to remember. Another Ranger with a domestic life in shambles. And a rich socialite whose perfect life is anything but.


Tick (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780986435102
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Rockrose Books, 2/2015

Josephine Bristol has incredible artistic talent, but also a dark secret: she has visions of killing people. While avoiding being noticed and 'adjusted' by drones patrolling an unstable America, Jo struggles to find her direction in the world, until her life falls apart when one of her visions sends her over the edge.


ISBN-13: 9780972336697
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Be It Now, Inc, 2/2014

Our Ever Changing World—Throught the Eyes of Artists —Couples and Collaborations bring together twelve couples, 24 artists, one an artist and the other an artist or involved in a connecting profession, one main question and six self-guided interview questions with photos. What happens is an insight into how strengths, weaknesses, focus, determination, confidence and intention all play a part in the creating of a loving, giving, playful,atmosphere allowing them to thrive.


Silence Is Broken (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781457523670
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dog Ear Publishing, 10/2013

Silence is Broken takes us back to the heat and tension of the Vietnam War, where William Scofield sheds his childhood illusions in a story of survival and growth. Through a serious of startling episodes, he is forced to learn not only who he is as a man, but also who he is as an American.


Jonestown: A Novel (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780615691064
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Living Art Publications, 3/2014

Jonestown is a historical thriller about a father determined to free his son from the compound of cult leader Jim Jones. The novel allows readers to glimpse the sadistic governance of the Peoples Temple, and it carries them along the path of the congressional delegation whose inspection of Jonestown in 1978 led to the shocking climax.


Rule of Capture (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781632930477
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Sunstone Press, 2/2015

Set in 1928 Los Angeles against the backdrop of a once notorious stock scandal, the story follows sleuth Sarah Kaufman as she seeks to discover both a killer and a dark secret upon which part of L.A. was built.

"An entertaining whodunit with a striking protagonist and a compelling cultural backdrop." --Kirkus Reviews


ISBN-13: 9781627470155
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Jasmina's Books, 5/2014

A Real Life Modern Day Odyssey Beyond Near Death. From the ancestral shores of Sicily, to New England, India, South America, and California, the transformation to the next level of consciousness unfolds in one woman's journey through trauma, illness, near death, and divorce to find Identity, Meaning, Healing and Love. "With clarity and power Jasmina gives each of us a glimpse into the magnificence of our spiritual self and new meaning to the struggles in our lives."--David McArthur


A Turkey for Dinner
Model: 11-99-55473-1

A First Grader Hopes His Book Will Save Trees and Preserve Animal Habitats. Nareg Shirvanian has written and illustrated a "green" book titled "A Turkey for Dinner."A 20 page tale printed on wheat straw paper about a crocodile's adventurous hunt for a particular rainbow-colored turkey. 50% of the sales will go to purchasing wheat straw paper to be used by local schools and businesses.


Now We Have Secrets (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780989375337
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Bristlecone Peak Books, 11/2014

This book is about life-shaking secrets what they do to those who hold them and those who fail at it. Secrets shape love, create unconscionable foolishness, and require courage in facing a vast unknown. The worlds most dangerous scientific experiment advances through its decades and into the lives of six people coming of age as the newest and perhaps last citizens of the Atomic Era. Here are promises, humanity, and a haunting past.


ISBN-13: 9780971144736
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: B3 Books, 6/2014

This is a book that will change -- and possibly even save -- your life, or the life of your child. The Safety Godmothers -- Ellen Snortland and Lisa Gaeta -- know violence reduction and prevention from A-Z. This book is an invaluable compilation of Ellen and Lisa's personal safety techniques, practical insights and advice, based on their decades of real-world experience. Gavin de Becker, a revered authority in violence prevention worldwide and Oprah's go-to expert, shares his know-how in three featured chapters.

In addition, there are more than 20 real-life success stories, where all sorts of people overcame dangerous situations by using time-tested, reliable skills that let them set verbal and physical boundaries when their safety was compromised. The results will astound you!


ISBN-13: 9781628909555
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Little Moth Press, 8/2014

The Michael Jacksons is an ethnographic monograph. With more than 55 photos - including 35 portraits of professional tribute artists and impersonators - and 100 pages of description and analysis of this fascinating and burgeoning subculture; this book cannot be missed by any fan of Michael Jackson or photo book enthusiast.


A Quirky Eye (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781436316682
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Xlibris Corporation, 9/2008

The Collected Works of William E. Woodruff Jr. is being published posthumously by William's wife, Gloria Avrech, to honor him. William died on April 22, 2004. Brace yourself for an unforgettable reading experience as Xlibris releases A Quirky Eye. William E. Woodruff Jr. is a writer of great clarity, wit and wisdom. His gifted facility with imagery and love of the English language shines through in this unique collection that contains most of his creative writing. Inside are an enticing and diverse smorgasbord, including haiku, light and serious lyric poems, gimmick, visual and scrabble poems, and several short stories. Regarding his literary work Mr. Woodruff comments, "All my writings, whatever their differences, have in common the darkness outside my window as I write, the green glow of the letters on my computer screen, and caffeine."