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ISBN-13: 9780990356004
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Published: Lightstepper, 5/2014

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night to re-hash a conversation that happened yesterday, or even years ago? Ever stalked someone online, at work or at home, or found yourself holed up in the trunk of a lover’s car so you could just be “closer” to them? If you find yourself frazzled, anxiety-ridden and perplexed by people, places or things, this book is for you. These Daily Meditations are for controllers, Al-Anons, codependents, or anyone else who really needs to lighten up. .


The Land at the Top of the Stairs by Benla Bennett
Model: 11-99-45776-0

A Note from the Author These stairs were built by my father in the 1960’s to provide us access to the top of our property in order to clear brush. Over the years the question everyone, adults and children alike, asks when he or she walks into my backyard is: “What’s at the top of the stairs?” With that question in mind, I decided to write The Land at the Top of the Stairs from a child’s point of view. While turning this story into a book I decided it would be fun to let the reader illustrate the story. Children are so very creative. Each book would certainly be an original with the child’s illustrations.


ISBN-13: 9780898244823
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Published: Royal Fireworks Press, 8/2014

Things were bad enough when Lennie Miller had to leave her home and her friends and move with her parents to the little town of Bailey, Indiana. But Bailey has a secret - a Mystical Realm few people can see, full of ghosts, wizards and monsters. And worst of all, these creatures have decided that Lennie is their "Pattern Finder," the person they all turn to for help with their math problems!.


Unswept Graves (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780880929035
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Published: Royal Fireworks Publishing Company, 7/2012

A story that starts in the present day in a small town about to celebrate Founders' Day. The founders were said to include young Jasmine's Wu's great-great-grandparents, Charlie and Hannah Fong. Jasmine and her friend 'Oz' get to find out the Fongs' story when they are suddenly and magically transported by her ancestors' mysterious pendant back in time to the Chinatown of San Francisco in the late 1890s. They find out that it was a dangerous, brutal time to be Chinese, especially for young girls. Jasmine is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Oz has to dress as a boy to rescue her and get her to the shelter of the Mission House. They meet Charlie Fong and somehow they have to make sure that the future happens. In the end, the founders and ancestors are honored as they should be and Jasmine discovers her heritage. Black's research into the life of Chinese immigrants revealed shocking anti-Chinese prejudice in the US at the time.


ISBN-13: 9780692226100
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Emma Bloomwealth, 7/2014

Moving abroad? Hear candid, heart-to-heart advice from "women who have been there"! Whether you are dreaming about moving abroad or in the middle of building that new life, whether you're American about to move to the "Old World" or coming the other way, this book shares insights in what you truly need to know for such an endeavor, especially as a woman.


ISBN-13: 9780991012909
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Published: Sydney Paige, 1/2014

Sydney Paige wants to be an oceanographer, but when she pretends to be sick when it's raining, she misses an exciting visit from ocean creatures to her classroom. She learns the value of friendship when her classmate helps her ctach up on what she missed, but the biggest lesson she learns is to never miss school again. For every SYDNEY PAIGE book sold, another is donated to a child in need.


ISBN-13: 9781631960024
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Published: Art Out Loud Publications, 3/2014

In this narrative by Chase, he tells of the events that have landed him in a lonely hospital room in California. Events that have made him face his greatest fears, while at the same time following his biggest dreams. He tells of the loves of his life, he pain, his heartache, and the moments that made life worth living.


ISBN-13: 9781938512636
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Book Villages, 5/2014

Where Is My Daughter? Mental illness affects one in four people. It can be destructive to everyone around him or her, but the truly hidden victim is the affected person himself or herself. What if, due to the illness, your wife kidnapped your child, and there was no one to assist you in finding them? What if others knew where they were, but would not help you? What if you had legal rights to see your child, but those rights were ignored? What if your faith in God was severely tested? What if all of these happened at the same time? In an eight-year battle, the author continually sought to find his daughter. He was falsely accused, put in jail, prosecuted, and finally prevailed. But he would not give up! Would he be another victim of social injustice and legal labyrinths, with no end in sight? Could his family name be restored? Would it be enough to gain legal status or slide back into the obscurity of the illness? This story weaves through the mental illness, the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness, fantasy and reality. Can God lead the lost and compel the seeker onward or will life's trials continually ensnare the innocent into obscurity and loneliness? Peer into this life's enigma and rejoice in the resulting answer to prayer..


What Came Before (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781928193005
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Published: Every Day Novels, 7/2014

When Abbie Palmer's mother committed suicide, her father withdrew, forbidding all questions. With her children grown, Abbie wants to find herself, but when an African-American woman claiming to be her half-sister is murdered, she must search instead for What Came Before.

About the Author: Gay Degani lives in Southern California with her husband in an old Victorian house where parrots congregate at dusk in the oaks and camphors around her neighborhood. Three times nomintaed for Pushcart consideration and winner of the 11th Annual Glass Woman Prize, Gay has won or been a finalist in contests on Women On Writing, Glimmer Train, Writer's Digest, and Bosque (The Magazine). She has been published extensively online and in print including her collection, Pomegranate Stories. Founder and editor-emeritus of Flash Fiction Chronicles, she's a staff editor at Smokelong Quarterly, and blogs at Words in Place.


The Nameless Prince (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781606192436
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Paladin Timeless Books, 7/2012

A through-the-rabbit hole hero's journey with a metaphysical slant, The Nameless Prince is set right here in L.A.! Like The Alchemist, The Nameless Prince is fantasy for all ages, sprinkled with grains of spiritual wisdom.

Seth Bauman has issues. His Mom split ten years ago, right after his birth, and guardian Uncle Troy won’t discuss the past. Seth’s only friend is Mexican immigrant Elena, whom he must walk home from school through Silver Lake’s gang-ravaged streets. When Elena is abducted by local gang ‘the Mayans,’ Seth has no choice but to follow the Boatman of the L.A. River into the sprawling network of sewers and metro tunnels concealing Mayan headquarters. To Seth the great labyrinth unfolds as a magical realm called ‘the Interior,’ whose residents immediately deem him the ‘Nameless Prince’ of prophecy, sent to save them from peril.

To find Elena, Seth embarks on an odyssey of riddles and self-discovery. Only in Interia is it safe to discover the truth about his past, and the forgiveness that will set him free. In rescuing Elena he rescues his own innocence. In fulfilling prophecy by learning his name, Seth discovers the greatness that lies within.


ISBN-13: 9781491730195
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Published: iUniverse.com, 5/2014

Cain, a quixotic anti-hero, navigates the foreign and hostile world of construction as he builds the Twin Towers prison in LA. The novel follows Cain through the seven stories, nine counting the foundation and roof, of this brooding building culminating with the violent LA riots.


Bougainvillea Blues (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781493511198
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Published: Createspace, 6/2014

Bougainvillea Blues is the heartfelt coming of age story of Joey Norton, a twelve-year-old boy. Sex, love, and voyeurism: Joey is trying to figure it all out. When his world collides with the gorgeous Gloria, the boy who likes to watch is forced to participate in his own life for the first time. A smothering mother, neighborhood boys with their own code of sexuality, and a father with secrets that will stun the family and force Joey to make the first grown-up decisions of his life turn up the heat on a story of love and loss see in the breezy, warm air of 1960’s San Diego.


ISBN-13: 9780991513703
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Kathy Gorlick, 7/2014

Hi there, I'm the Ni-Night Bear. I'm sweet, cuddly, fun, and full of love. I always snuggle up at nap time or bedtime with my favorite blanket! Come on in and see for yourself.

The Ni-Night Bear is a sweet, cuddly, happy little bear that loves his Ni-Night and wants to tell you what it is and why he loves it so! Little ones love the friendly colors and illustrations.

A Ni-Night is included in the cute packaging; color of your choice! Package includes one copy of The Ni-Night Bear and one 14"x 20" Ni-Night blanket.


The Aesir Kids (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780985455323
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Basilisk Books, 8/2013

Meet Thrud, the super-strong daughter of Thor…her mischievous brothers Magni and Modi…Fire, flame-wielding son of the mysterious Norns…Tjalfi, who can run as fast as an arrow…Hela, the lonely daughter of Loki…and their friends and relatives, who face everything from school bullies to frost giants with humor and courage. When Asgard is threatened with destruction, the old gods turn to the younger generation to save the universe. Will they be up to the greatest challenge of all?.


The Pied Piper, adaptation by Jennifer Taub Gwillim (Audiobook)
Model: 11-99-45691-8

The Pied Piper is Jennifer Taub Gwillim's adaptation of Robert Browning's beloved lyric poem "The Pied Piper of Hamelin", as timely a tale now about promises and lost children , as it has been for the last 100 years... This adaptation began as a literacy project: the mission at Jennifer's fledgling company Audiamus et Gaudeamus is to breathe life into short literary classics and explain them and amuse as the tale gets told. Led by Robert Mandan from telly's classic "Soap" and a cast of professional actors, this piece was inspired by her son Harry and the kids at Summit View School, and is the first of a series.


ISBN-13: 9780996034708
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Elizabeth Hinnant, 7/2014

In 1939, Diddy goes to the newly opened Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to meet her father and sees the unique people and places that are Los Angeles. An illustrated story that introduces readers to historical people and places with a special surprise (for older elementary children)!


ISBN-13: 9781611686036
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Foreedge, 9/2014

In Dog Whistle, two seasoned political journalists define, in a funny-yet-informative way, what politicians really mean when they use odd-sounding, insider-ish phrases. Jeff Greenfield, the Emmy Award-winning television journalist and acclaimed author, wrote the forward to Dog Whistles. It will make for useful reading during the heat of election season.


Prey (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781941646007
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Blue Iris Books, 7/2014

Christa is a shy college student interning at an attorney’s office. When a suspected mob case turns out to be much more sinister, she captures the attention of a powerful vampire, Mack. Christa is torn from her human world, only to be caught in a power struggle between two immortal enemies. Can she survive in this terrifying new world? Author bio: Katy Mann grew up in the Midwest where she attended the University of Chicago. She moved to California with her tabby cat, Gus, in 1995. A life-long reader, she divides her time between the real world, when necessary, and the worlds created in books and her imagination, when possible. Visit her at www.KatyMann.com


ISBN-13: 9780989375320
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Bristlecone Books, 12/2013

“Back home, I was content to be just an ordinary house cat. I didn’t get out much. But it’s different here in Venice.” How different? Harley quickly finds out after his family arrives in Italy. He takes up with a group of local cats who roam wild in the alleys and neighborhoods of Venice, and meets the mysterious Angela, a beautiful white Angora who steals his heart. Then he becomes embroiled in a fierce and ongoing war between his friends and a rival band of cats, and discovers the magical order that underlies life in the enchanting and historic city that is his new home.


ISBN-13: 9781939447753
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dunham Books, 5/2014

If you're an entrepreneur, artist or athlete who wants to extend success beyond Andy Warhol's proverbial 15 minutes of fame, Author Darrell Miller's new book, "The 16th Minute of Fame" serves as an inspirational guide on being prepared for the inevitable fame, fortune and success that affect all professions.


ISBN-13: 9781491703076
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: iUniverse.com, 1/2014

RACE begins with author Lauren Joichin Nile’s powerful personal story of growing up under segregation in New Orleans in the 1950’s and 60’s. In her distinctively clear and compelling voice, Lauren then takes readers on an extraordinary journey from humanity’s birth from a single African woman and man, through our miserable racial past, into our mixed but encouraging racial present and finally, into a vision of an evolved, loving post-racial future for all of humanity.


City Of Whores (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780991419302
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Starboard Home Press, 8/2014

New Year's Eve, 1951. Hollywood, California. As Tinseltown rings in the twilight of its Golden Age, a young man arrives from Texas hell-bent on exploiting his brooding good-looks in exchange for a shot at stardom--only to become dangerously entangled in the lives of one of the most powerful couples in show business. As his dream devolves into a lurid nightmare, he must choose between fortune and fame or sanity and survival in this City of Whores.


ISBN-13: 9780692238554
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Jon Pirincci, 6/2014

With all life experiences and interesting people he's met over the years, Jon Pirincci delivers incredible inspiration to people all around the world. Jon has now recorded the best of these experiences in his new book What's a Little Wind?. Jon will entertain you with his humor and enlighten you with his robust knowledge of centuries of the most famous philosophers, motivational speakers, celebrities and religious scriptures of the world, including The Bible, Torah and Quran. This little inspirational book contains over 20 incredible and completely true stories about miracles of faith, angels, kismet, health, patriotism, neighbors, greed and spirits.


ISBN-13: 9781499542165
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 5/2014

In a future dominated by galaxy-spanning conglomerates, a young covert operative is sent by his organization to overthrow a planetary government. He becomes an unwitting pawn in a high-stakes power struggle where allies become enemies and friends are liabilities. His only resources are his wits and training, but are they enough to ensure his survival?


ISBN-13: 9781481877138
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 9/2013

Describes the trials and triumphs of a Polish Jewish family living in Warsaw under repressive Russian rule. Threatened by pogroms, enforced conscriptions, restrictive educational policies and job discrimination, they manage to survive and even to flourish. Loyalty, enduring friendship and deep faith in God make this possible in this well researched, involving, deeply satisfying novel.


Diamond Fields (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781480082267
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 5/2013

Diamond Fields is a rare find; one of the best adventure tales this side of Treasure Island. If Robert Louis Stevenson was from Texas, his name would be Randall Reneau.” —Kinky Friedman, “Governor of Central Texas.”


The Wash (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781938237003
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Sol Books, 6/2014

With bold characters and exquisite prose, The Wash is a compelling addition to California literature. Clyde Derrick masterfully captures a time and place while telling the sprawling multi-generational story of a Western family as seen through the clear and loving eyes of Cluny Taggart, recalling his twelfth year.


ISBN-13: 9780989375313
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Bristlecone Peak, 5/2013

The poems of Above the Mountain are moments with private people and what they dream when life changes. Five lives open, the last a questioning child who experiences near physical death in the midst of laughing adults, then a manifestation of a death much bigger than his own. The book concludes with the actual demise of a friend in childhood and a glimpse of the humanity behind one person’s eyes the life of the vanished friend creates as years pass.


ISBN-13: 9780980116526
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Forked Road Press, 7/2011

Set in Renaissance France, this novel traces the life of the seer Nostradamus through the eyes of a boyhood friend, Alain St. Germain. While Alain becomes an indispensible figure in the court, Michel de Nostredame overcomes tragedy and masters the uncanny powers that eventually make him advisor to a queen. .


ISBN-13: 9780578072128
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Ribbonhead, 7/2013

Not just a comfort food anymore... MACARONI AND CHEESE, Volume 1, is the first in a multiple book anthology of uplifting and inspirational stories and songs for kids and their parents. These stories are designed to champion a child and cultivate his/her unique view of the world. Illustrative artwork, vibrant color, imaginative ideas, groovy tunes and gentle wisdom are all wrapped in a hard cover book with an accompanying audio CD. There is even an activities page in the back of the book to encourage playful interaction by crafting gratitude journals and word games that reflect the story concepts


Getaway Day (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781629949154
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, 3/2014

When a father gives to his son, they both laugh. When a son gives to his father, they both cry. It’s 1962. Mikey Wright is a normal California 13-year-old. With normal problems. Until the day he finds out his dad has cancer. Getaway Day chronicles Mikey's journey to save his father's life and learn the meaning of his own. Along the way, some ordinary and extraordinary folks help him discover that growing up means letting go.


ISBN-13: 9781452580296
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Balboa Press, 10/2013

Hyder Zahed, PhD, had a good life until it was turned upside down. Following a divorce, a job loss, and a heart attack, he was determined to redesign his life by creating an ongoing legacy. Create Your Legacy offers a simple formula - LGGC (pronounced Legacy, a formula for creating and leaving a lasting legacy). Topics include shifting life, accepting oneself and others, having unconditional love, being honest, balancing work and relationships, being truly present, being generous, and cultivating gratitude. Create Your Legacy seeks to help the reader visualize and make conscious life decisions. It allows you to apply a very simple formula in order to improve your life and leave behind an enduring legacy. This is within everyone's reach, and living the legacy costs nothing. Without a doubt, the rewards from living a good life and creating a legacy are immeasurable.