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Cue the Camels (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780957438385
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Published: The Solepreneur Publishing Company Ltd., 2/2014

Jay Leno states; ‘Within these pages Dave has written gung-ho, self-deprecating, wildly engaging accounts of his exploits, with all the behind-the-scene high-jinks that go into shooting news and documentaries across the world’. In ‘Cue the Camels’; Dave shares his misadventures in a comedic style that is sure to entertain.


ISBN-13: 9781493645831
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Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 1/2014

An unflinching look at a patchwork social services system, its underprivileged dependents, and their battle-weary caretakers, Little Ravens is the eagerly awaited sequel to Frank Bardessono’s critically acclaimed debut novel, THE KINDNESS OF RAVENS. The saga of existential antihero Daren Capriati continues as he navigates the fractured lives of disabled children and their eccentric advocates.


By Becket
ISBN-13: 9781941240052
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Becket, 2/2014

Key the Steampunk Vampire Girl must race through the Necropolis to the Tower Tomb of Time before Old Queen Crinkle can rewrite history. With a ghost, a witch, and an immortal puppy, Key must ride a MotorHog, a Hobbeetle, and an Umbracopter without getting lost in time.


ISBN-13: 9781490935157
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 7/2013

In this collection of narrative and critical essays, Ryan M. Blanck explores the "irony of the banal." Influenced by the writing style of David Foster Wallace and heavily footnoted, Supposedly Fun Things... offers candid reflections on some of life's most ordinary--- and extraordinary--- events.


Ragweed (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781493518913
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 11/2013

It's been said that one of the greatest, most complex, yet seemingly difficult relationships most men will have is between a father and son. In his debut novel, author Kent Detweiler takes us full-throttle into an adolescent boy's emotional journey as he faces the challenges of mental illness following the violent suicide of his father. Misunderstood by most of his schoolmates and kept at arm's length by his distraught mother, he ends up fighting for his sanity while his best friend struggles to keep their friendship afloat. Set in the idyllic farmland of Ohio, Detweiler paints a riveting world in which even the tightest of friendships may not always survive.


ISBN-13: 9781479102020
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 10/2012

Leprechaun Sorrows is a love letter to Ireland and its wonderfully rich past. This multi-layered story features the lust-addled leprechaun Cullen on a quest to find the bewitching fairy spirit which left him terminally love sick. This journey takes our vertically-challenged hero and his eccentric acolytes through the Irish country-side and through Gaelic history in an imaginative and lyrical depiction of the uniqueness of the Emerald Isle. This novel will infuriate a few, delight a majority, and be treasured by both the Irish and those who wish to be Irish.


True (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780976200833
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Wise Women Ink, 11/2011

A young woman. A calculated act. The close knit bond of extraordinary women leading ordinary lives, True is a stunning tale which beautifully weaves these magnetic characters and their pristine wild environment, their families and the animals they love, into what undoubtedly becomes a story one will never forget.


Jitterbug Lift (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781479259137
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Createspace, 2/2013

Set in 1948 against the historic Berlin Airlift, WWII bomber ace Chance Mitchell flies desperately needed supplies into the bombed-out, ravaged city of former enemies to find his missing copilot—hunted by a ruthless Soviet officer, and obsessed with a mysterious woman whose own mission could hold the means to destroy him.


Feather Light (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781612131290
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Writer's Coffee Shop, 10/2013

Parker Davis has conquered three major American cities and is the new 'it' man in massage, earning the nickname 'Feather Light.' Kelly Storm, a famous Hollywood actress, will do whatever it takes to get some privacy. Their first meeting is nothing she expects. One night of steamy passion is all it takes to know that they want each other in more ways than one.


ISBN-13: 9781491840856
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Authorhouse, 12/2013

This coming of age novel is set in the whorl of the early 1960s, when the first cracks in an idealized American life were revealing themselves. Kate's mother Ellie falls in love with a Beatnik and adopts his alternative lifestyle in an attempt to create a new family. Hilarious, poignant and sad, the characters explore their relationships and identities as well as a number of places that are deeply affected by world events.


ISBN-13: 9780988425200
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Molly Trolley Publishing, 2/2014

The story’s heroine is an African princess who is stolen from her royal family in the Kingdom of Zamfara. The princess is cruelly snatched by a witch flying on a broomstick on the very day that she is to receive her name! The king had placed a symbolic locket bearing her name around the princess’ neck before she is kidnapped. Our Little Princess endures a horrifying journey that ends in the magical Land of Plenty, where sweet things grow naturally. That’s when she discovers that she has lost the locket bearing her name.

Will the little princess find her locket and discover her real name? Find out in the intriguing tale of The Chocolate Princess in the Land of Plenty.


ISBN-13: 9781483512143
Published: BookBaby, 12/01/2013

At the heart of the story is Lucinda, who moves to Sierra to escape her troubled past, but now struggles with her sick daughter, the return of her ex-husband and increasing hospital demands. The Estrogen Chronicles, Circle of Friends, a novel of friendship, love, courage, and compassion, gives an inside view of the inner workings of hospital operations under desperate times.


ISBN-13: 9780615902593
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Glady Matar, 11/2013

Syrian Stories is a compilation of intriguing short stories that tell about what is going on in the author’s society. It is not about the war in Syria, rather about the people who find themselves trapped in pain and joy together. Once you start, you won’t want to put it down. This satire series is full of amazing comedy, drama, romance and adventure. Gladys Matar does a fantastic job of holding your attention and making you wonder what could be coming next.


ISBN-13: 9780991304653
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Multum in Parvo, 1/2014

The life of an actress isn’t all glamour. Sometimes it’s humiliation and hangovers. Ruby Fitzgerald hasn’t worked in years, and awkward sex with regrettable men is doing nothing to help her situation. Ruby needs to prioritize. One more bubble bath. Another cocktail. She can always get responsible tomorrow. BATHING & THE SINGLE GIRL is the hilarious debut novel by actress Christine Elise McCarthy.


Enemy Among Us (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781493704880
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 11/2013

Enemy Among Us follows former FBI Special Agent Jim McLeary on a dangerous mission that tests his unconventional investigative skills and his determination to foster a new relationship with his estranged sons. Confronted by an adversarial female partner and an egocentric supervisor with a hidden agenda, McLeary struggles to prevent an elusive enemy from releasing a silent weapon of mass destruction.


ISBN-13: 9781491803462
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Authorhouse, 8/2013

With Visualize Yourself, Aileen Nealie helps us remember the power of our imaginations and helps us make practical use of our daydreaming. In this book she has compiled many original, creative and easy to use visualization pieces which are divided into all different themes of life. From day to day issues, to relationship difficulties, to mental health issues, to infertility, to issues related to children; this book can be utilized to help us overcome whatever our struggles might be.


ISBN-13: 9781492755555
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Crestview Publications, 11/2013

Two men, two Neutrogena companies, building the brand around the world, yet each plotting against the other. The Beverly Hills police thought they knew what happened, a Belgian plot and murders half a world away. The Los Angeles District Attorney thought he knew what happened, Israeli mafia striking in Beverly Hills and downtown Los Angeles. What really happened? The story has never been told. Until now.


ISBN-13: 9781457524080
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dog Ear Publishing, 9/2013

A journal/calendar honoring Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, The Wisdom of Will presents a medley of Shakespeare’s observations on life, politics, and nature. Each page contains a brief quote, a short description of the scene, a contemporary rephrasing of the quote, space for appointments or reflections, and one of seven beautiful Celtic designs indicating days of the week. This perpetual daybook invites readers to discover Shakespeare’s astonishing perception into the human soul and nature’s beauty.


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ISBN-13: 9780615751436
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Noovella.com, 3/2013

A brilliant collection of four novellas, including two based on the remarkable tale of Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre's early love. "The Girl from Summer and Other Stories is a reconciliation of passions, an exploration of deadly sins, and a collection of love stories, each flowing with an undercurrent of sorrow and quiet wisdom. Each of these four novellas has its own distinct voice, the mark of a truly talented writer. A fantastic debut collection from a writer with great promise and a fresh voice." ForeWord Reviews


ISBN-13: 9781467542906
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Allstate Printing, 12/2013

A compelling true story based on nearly 6 years of research into the life of Soul Music inventor Sam Cooke and his 1964 set up murder in Los Angeles, a city run in concert by then LAPD Chief William Parker and mobsters. New facts, new testimony from those who knew him, as well as original court documents including the murder inquest, autopsy and death certificate portend a massive cover up. This book has been hailed as the only true story of Sam by members of the Cooke family.


ISBN-13: 9781934690475
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Tasora Books, 12/2011

Hear the voices of black and white women whose strength and determination contributed to changing the history of this country. Experience the hate felt by a black child integrating an all white school, the loss of connection when a white woman challenges her famiy's long held beliefs and the fear of men with guns attempting to prevent a woman's right to vote. This book will educate, motivate and inspire readers of all ages!


The Big Exoneration (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781492351177
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 9/2013

In a modern spin of noir mysteries a middle school boy and his younger sister travel in time between the present and 1939 Los Angeles while investigating a seventy-five year old crime that sent an innocent man to the gas chamber.  Their challenge is coercing information from shady characters, uncovering the real murderer, and getting his written confession, then finding someone in present time who can validate it, all before access to the world of 1939 is lost to them. 


ISBN-13: 9781434802712
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 4/2008

The Grand Grimoire, Kabbalah, Witchcraft, Old Magic - all share a common inspiration: The Wise King Solomon. Writer of three books in the Bible; Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs (and possibly Psalms) - he also possessed a magic ring, with which he could control and befriend daemons - giving him Ultimate Power. This is his testament. (Please note: this is not a book of negativity or the black arts, this is a historical account, an amendment if you will). Herein is the complete original article from JQR (1898) Republished with Permission. Foreword by performance artist, Mikhail Tank.


ISBN-13: 9781492236214
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 11/2013

Sent 40 years into the past by a spell of Chief Sitting Bull, General George Custer and the Seventh Cavalry join Davy Crockett to fight at the Alamo against Mexican forces led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna.


ISBN-13: 9781463429614
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Authorhouse, 2/2012

When two young daughters are kidnapped by marauders in the war torn kingdom of Northwaye, a cowardly lawyer embarks on a journey to rescue them, encountering bold mercenaries, merciless freebooters, and fierce warrior women. And in the course of this journey, Owen Vander will discover he is searching for more than two lost innocents.


Degrees of Courage (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781938223235
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Mill City Press, Inc., 6/2012

The book follows three generations of a Hungarian family exposed to the ever-changing historical events of 20th century Hungary. The focus is on Angela, deceived but standing strong, her daughter Lensie, victimized by WWII and the subsequent Communist takeover, and free spirited granddaughter Sari, finding her way to America.


ISBN-13: 9781492865476
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 9/2013

This is a book of 115 poems, 22 drawings by the poet, and 7 pieces of word fun. The poems include haiku and longer verse. Many of the poems have lines that rhyme. Others have matching syllable counts and/or rhythm. They have humor, anger and other emotions. There are indexes for the first lines of poetry, the titles and the illustrations.


ISBN-13: 9781475293128
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 6/2012

Falling From Eden Inc. won Runner up in Sci-Fi in the Los Angeles Book Festival Awards and first Honorable Mention in the New England Book Festival Awards. It’s a humorous, action packed, scientifically plausible super-hero origin story, set in the near future, with far-out technology, eccentric villains, and hot chicks. In a world filled with misinformation our hero (Ethan Stone) has to distinguish right from wrong and decide how to best use his super abilities.


ISBN-13: 9780865349582
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Sunstone Press, 8/2013

Leshek Zavistovski’s troubles started long before he was a defector, before he was a cellist, and even before he was abandoned as a child in war-torn Europe. CHILDREN AND FISH DON’T TALK is an epic tale of survival and wit, taking readers from the poverty of post-war Poland to the lavish dinner tables of America’s rich and famous. It is a journey as surprising and funny as it is harrowing. And that’s because it’s true.