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ISBN-13: 9780990307808
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Published: Horatio Press, 3/2014

AWARD WINNING AUTHOR... D. J. Adamson in her new mystery series Admit to Murder, Book One of the Lillian Dove Mystery Series, brings us Lillian Dove, five-years sober, caught having spent the night with her boss, Police Chief Charles Kaefring, when she calls in a house fire into dispatch. She is compelled to rescue someone, only to find the person vanished and herself trapped.


ISBN-13: 9780984264506
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Birds Nest Publishing, 7/2014

An ancient inscription reveals a lost African Empire. 5,000 years ago, an Ethiopian emperor conquered NE Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean region. He pushed an Arab expansion back across the Red Sea. The Botorrita III inscription with his proclamation is in a museum at Zaragoza in Spain. A second inscription mentions the ancient Greeks for the first time, fighting as allies of the Egyptians against the Libyans. Both inscriptions are translated here for the first time.


ISBN-13: 9781491822944
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Authorhouse, 11/2013

There's a revolution brewing. One that calls us to slow down, collaborate, and reclaim life balance. The Shared-Meal Revolution: How to Reclaim Balance and Connection in a Fragmented World through Sharing Meals with Family and Friends by popular blogger and writer Carol Archambeault offers the help we need to create a regular shared-meal ritual. The book takes the reader through the steps of understanding, planning, implementing, and sustaining a shared-meal practice. It contains valuable research about the many benefits of sharing meals, helpful resources, and easy-to-use post-chapter exercises, allowing readers to develop a shared-meal plan to fit their lives.


Cue the Camels (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780957438385
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Published: The Solepreneur Publishing Company Ltd., 2/2014

In CUE THE CAMELS, three-time Emmy award winning film-maker Dave shares some of the adventures he enjoyed - and sometimes endured - whilst in pursuit of the 'money shot'. His comedic style is sure to entertain and the things he's experienced will leave you in awe.

Find out what actually goes on behind the camera...



Dark Talisman (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780615797250
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Azimuth Books, 10/2013

“DARK TALISMAN is a deep, dark, delicious fantasy with a ferocious story and writing that grabs you and refuses to let go. The writing is incredible. The dialogue is original and constantly makes you want to put on the accent and read it out loud! This is the most original and deep, otherworldly novel I have ever read. With an imaginative plot with deep dark fantasy, gorgeous writing, and lovable characters, DARK TALISMAN is sure to lure anyone with an imagination in and not let them go. A definite must-read for any age! (And that’s high praise.)” - Miss Literati


ISBN-13: 9780692267479
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Silver Birch Press, 9/2014

Vanilla Milk, a memoir told in poems, focuses on a mother’s and family response to the sudden death of the author's six-year-old son. These elegies might be read as written snapshots forming an elegiac album, depicting how a traumatic loss alters relationships, love, and parenting, and perceptions of danger, time, and life. Characterized by unsparing honesty, clarity, and restraint, the poems explore the limits inherent in “recovering” from the grief of losing a child, and the need to continue experiencing joy. Includes a 20-page album of family photographs.


ISBN-13: 9781480037113
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 11/2012

Who would have thought that finding an old red leathered journal would have opened a Pandora’s Box? But it did - This is the story of dysfunctional characters - mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters - where characters are built on a narrative and the connective tissue between the events. A story of trusts broken, murder, love and ultimate renewal. It is the somewhere between the lurid qualities of one character’s story and the emerging passion of an other’s that makes this book click. This Contemporary Gothic tale is set in Murray Bay, 25minutes from Quebec city, along the water; an old money resort town and artists’ haven, lush with vineyards and farmlands.


Dream of Venice (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780990772507
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Bella Figura Publications, 12/2014

Dream of Venice captures the mysterious allure of the ancient floating city with the evocative photography of Charles Christopher and the beguiling words of a diverse group of contemporary Venetophiles. With a captivating foreword by bestselling author Frances Mayes, Dream of Venice will inspire you to listen to the silence of the canals and lose yourself in the ethereal mist of Piazza San Marco. The luminous photographs compliment the intimate thoughts, memories, poems and stories of notable contributors from the worlds of art, literature, design, cuisine, music, and filmmaking. You ll find anecdotes from actors and directors who have worked on location in Venice, including Woody Allen (Everybody Says I Love You), Linus Roache (The Wings of the Dove), and Julie Christie (Don t Look Now). A portion of the proceeds from each book will be donated to Save Venice, Inc. to support vital art and architecture restorations in La Serenissima.


Is There Enough? (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781612251271
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Published: Mirror Publishing, 5/2014

"Noah, a young boy, watches everything, and today he is worried. Follow him as something exciting is happening at his house. He has checked the dining room, the living room, and the bedrooms, but he still wonders… Will there be enough love for him when his little brother is born?"

Author Bio: From Pennsylvania, Faye Ellen Hartzell cannot remember a time when she didn't enjoy reading. She began writing short stories and poems as a preteen, and would write in her journal and imagine the day when she would write her own books. Together with her husband Tom, she has four boys, Jacob, Zachary, Noah and Benjamin. Her first book, "Is There Enough?" is the true story of her son Noah asking if she'd have enough love for him when his baby brother was born. She had to find a way to explain a mother's love and be reassuring without sounding fake or cliché. "Is There Enough?" is a mother's love letter to her child, and Faye's love letter to her boys.

Illustrator Bio: Originally a local kid from Covina, CA, Melody Grace Cave is an illustrator, fine artist & designer who graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design with her BFA in Illustration in 2010. She loves splishing & splashing her way through watercolors, children’s book illustrations, and inking in the curly-cues while hand lettering. "Is There Enough?" is her debut into the fantastical world of children's book illustration and publishing. Melody now resides in the SF Bay Area with her husband Stephen, and when she's not making messes with paint, she enjoys skipping along hiking trails, decorating, playing with her puppy Mango, & dreaming of all things pink or gold.


River Card (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780615807027
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: On Demand Publishing, LLC-Create Space, 6/2014

Georgia Kassov Cates is a business woman, a wife, a mother…and a gambling addict. Desperate to recoup a devastating string of losses, she risks it all for one last game—a game that’s abruptly halted when the Las Vegas casino succumbs to a freak blackout.


ISBN-13: 9780692270530
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Iris & Acorn Press, 9/2014

Out of a friendship and collegial conversation spanning three decades, Hadley Fitzgerald and Judith Harte have created a provocative fusion of astrological symbolism, Depth Psychotherapy, and Imaginal Psychology. Their discourse interfaces with the “acorn theory” of the late archetypal psychologist James Hillman who conjectured that each life has its own soul's code, its own calling.


ISBN-13: 9781502814326
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 10/2014

They came in peace, unfortunately the good folks of Little Lump, Texas didn't get the memo. They’re really embarrassed, especially Gertie who managed to shoot down several of the alien’s space ships with her holy land-to-air rocket launcher. Little did she realize in doing so that she would be unknowingly creating a far bigger danger for Little Lump that could spell doom for them all. To her and everyone else’s disbelief, undead Japanese snow monkeys are slowly approaching the town and now Gertie and Cousin Tommy must fight their way to safety through the undead simian horde who seem to have a real bone to pick with Gertie. With ammunition running low and few places to hide. Gertie will have to use all of her wits to survive the night. This is the second book in the hilarious Tales From Little Lump series.


ISBN-13: 9780692256848
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Robert L. Grant, 8/2014

Audrey is young, talented, beautiful—and mixed-race. Her ambition?—fashion design. But it's 1936; to succeed, she must "pass" for white.

A “gentleman” invites her—as his assistant—on a voyage aboard the Queen Mary. It's her shot at the heart of fashion—London and Paris. But the “gentleman” is not what he seems. And a man she falls for turns out to be a gambler. She's forced to grow up fast.



ISBN-13: 9781491852965
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Authorhouse, 3/2014

Ken Grant's poems, "Songs of my Heart" reflect both his sensitivity to the natural world along with joys and sorrows of a life that has known intense love and poignant loss. Sometimes with pixyish humor buoyed by a warm and open faith, his poems will echo powerfully in many hearts.


ISBN-13: 9780975924938
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Movie Tweets, 7/2014

Take Offs 2 keeps you chuckling. Arnie and Bebe take us on a feathery flight highlighted by comic quotes with 60 beautifully colored illustrations Movie buffs have fun figuring out the original movie sayings. Size makes it easy to tuck into a pocket or purse for a quick laugh.


ISBN-13: 9780692210314
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Opsimath Press, 5/2014

Mom’s Choice Award-Winner!

Can a homeless teen, armed mostly with deli meats, save an alien race from extinction? The answer is not what you might think.

“I loved it!” —Amy Gillespie, Librarian, Hill Top Preparatory School, Rosemont PA

“Grabbed me from the moment I started—what’s not to love?” - Jessica Goodman, Librarian, Skokie Public Library


ISBN-13: 9780985835903
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dreamfarer Press, 9/2012

Eleven year-old Jim Morgan once had a home, a life of comfort, and a future full of promise. But all that changed the night his father was murdered. Now Jim is on the run from his father’s enemies, a wicked count and his vengeful son, and at the same time, trying to decipher the secret to the last mystery his father left him – the hidden location of an ancient treasure.


ISBN-13: 9780985835934
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dreamfarer Press, 11/2013

Over a year has passed since Jim Morgan outwitted the King of Thieves and escaped from London with his friends, Lacey and the Brothers Ratt. Now, at long last, Jim is ready to return home to Morgan Manor. But a dark vision haunts Jim's dreams--a Crimson Storm with the face of a black skull. Worse still, his father's old enemies, Count Cromier and his son, Bartholomew, are far from finished with Jim.


ISBN-13: 9780985835972
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Dreamfarer Press, 10/2014

The Final Chapter of the Jim Morgan Saga! Jim Morgan and his friends, Lacey and the Brothers Ratt, have so far managed to keep their half of the Hunter’s Shell safe from the Cromiers, preventing the scheming father and son from finding the Treasure of the Ocean. But the danger is far from over. The Count and Bartholomew are closing in on the Spectre. And an old enemy from the past has returned, armed with dark plans of his own.


ISBN-13: 9781499630756
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 10/2014

What do you do if you’re battling doctors while dealing with your intimidating, doctor-hating, 73 year-old mother who was just diagnosed with stage-four cancer? How about opening up a bottle of Kahula and mixing it with a gallon of vanilla ice cream? Share one daughter’s emotional, yet humorous journey as she juggles being a caregiver and parent advocate amid her mother’s belief system that prefers prayer over physicians.


Hot Air and Love (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780990455905
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Addie Mattox, 8/2014

Hot Air and Love is a novel about an adventurous woman’s decision to become a hot air balloon pilot and follow her lover to Kenya. Her relationships there with two men, one American and one Kenyan, present her with very different and absorbing challenges.


ISBN-13: 9780989375320
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Bristlecone Books, 12/2013

“Back home, I was content to be just an ordinary house cat. I didn’t get out much. But it’s different here in Venice.” How different? Harley quickly finds out after his family arrives in Italy. He takes up with a group of local cats who roam wild in the alleys and neighborhoods of Venice, and meets the mysterious Angela, a beautiful white Angora who steals his heart. Then he becomes embroiled in a fierce and ongoing war between his friends and a rival band of cats, and discovers the magical order that underlies life in the enchanting and historic city that is his new home.


ISBN-13: 9780983119197
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Blue Jay Ink, 10/2014

The Otherground is a vast terrestrial expanse. It encompasses most all of the biosphere that lies beyond the total annexation of the triune world. It is that marginalized region where those exiled from the first, second, and third worlds go to get some thinking done, some soul-searching done, some work done.


ISBN-13: 9781631920738
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: BookBaby, 4/2014

Cassie Hamilton is a rock musician trying to conquer personal demons while fighting to climb the record charts. An impressionable young woman with a knack for becoming involved with rock’s most notorious bad boys, Cassie fights against sexism, drug abuse, and self-doubt to obtain the fame and respect she deserves.

About the Author: Kathey Norton is a novelist, screenwriter, and poet living in Sacramento, California. She wrote her first novel while still in high school, and published her first non-fiction article at age twenty. She went on to complete three other novels and published poetry in various anthologies and poetry magazines before taking a long break at age twenty-three to care for her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a Master of Arts in Political Science from CSU, Sacramento, Kathey returned to writing and sold her first one-act screenplay. When she isn't writing, Kathey spends her time studying music, with the goal of starting her own local band, and is very active in animal rights issues. She also enjoys exploring her interests in mixed media collage art, filmmaking, noir and graphic comics, and social media.


ISBN-13: 9781481877138
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 9/2013

Set in the mid-19th Century in the Congress Kingdom which is now central Poland, HERITAGE, VOLUME 1: THE FLAME OF FREEDOM follows the members of the Marjzendiak family through the tumultuous years of Eastern Europe’s domination by Russia. The family, headed by their father Ephraim, struggles to live an exemplary Jewish life in a time when Jews were granted few rights and essentially no social status, victims of the restrictive rules, forced conscription and dire Russification policies of Alexander II.


South of Good (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781497342477
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 9/2014

Former DEA agent Hardin Steel's gorgeous girlfriend has been kidnapped, the Ochoa drug cartel is killing off his friends, and the Cuban Mafia is looking for him. south of good is another fast-paced, hard-hitting, action-packed thriller from award-winning author, Randall Reneau.


Acadian Passage (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781483414515
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Lulu Publishing Services, 7/2014

"Acadian Passage, a tale of flight and rendezvous, love and loss, is rich with detail. The story of Acadia and the beauty of the place are vividly drawn as the tale unfolds. Readers will savor this seldom revisited corner of history, now brought to light." -Elizabeth Pomeroy, historian and author of John Muir, A Naturalist in Southern California "An enjoyable blend of history, romance and anthropology. Register brings the idyllic- then brutal- story of the Acadians to life." -Steven A. LeBlanc, author of Constant Battles: The Myth of the Peaceful, Noble Savage About the Author:Jeanne Gleason Register is descended from French Acadians through her mother Marie Daigle. She began writing ACADIAN PASSAGE after she retired from teaching history and eleven years as Head of Mayfield Senior School. She graduated from Wellesley College and lives in Altadena, California.


Spirit of a Kyrie (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781500463793
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 7/2014

In a white desert at a time of famine, Kit is among the starving children who beg and thieve the streets. Until one day, she discovers she has the makings of a great knight. Becoming a knight would bring her family wealth and prestige, but it also means risking her life to pass the Tests...


ISBN-13: 9780692286920
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Gwen Rogers, 12/2014

Welcome to Honeysuckle Hill is both a celebration of tradition and an invitation to embrace the joy of buffet-style entertaining. What began as a collection of Gwen Rogers' treasured family recipes has become an expression of her creative culinary vision-a feast for the eyes and palate alike. Includes over 150 recipes and 140 color photographs.


ISBN-13: 9781938416910
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: River Grove Books, 8/2014

Lose Your Inches Without Losing Your Mind! is a practical and down-to-earth guide to shed inches in a healthy, balanced way and to keep them off…without going completely bonkers! After becoming frustrated with every diet she tried in an attempt to lose 45 lbs and 4 dress sizes, Justine SanFilippo finally found a simple solution to shed unwanted inches and keep them off for good. Like her, you may have already tried countless diets, only to find that you can’t keep off the pounds, or even follow the plan. However frustrated you are right now, Justine will save you the heartache, confusion, and mental exhaustion of dieting while helping you shrink your waistline. If you want to lose inches and keep your sanity, then this is the book for you!


ISBN-13: 9781503170858
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 11/2014

In the land of Republic City there lives a privileged and carefree girl, Alexandria, who at a young age thinks she has everything figured out. Always seeking her independence, she has now found herself caught in a never-ending battle of survival, forcing herself to rely on others. With her kingdom overrun by enemies who were believed to be no more, she and her fellow friends must band together to regain their beloved city. However, with the impending battle come obstacles which challenge her to choose which path will best lead her to the truth, and ultimately victory.


Emily D. and Me (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780182175499
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Figueroa Press, 7/2014

Ada Oates is fifteen years old. She's stuck in Suburbia with the memory of her deceased mother, a father who's dating, and a grandmother who's obsessed with faux french and facelifts. Ada not only dreams of a better name but also of a loftier life; the life of an idealized writer from the past. Enter Emily Dickinson, a frustrated fashionista and mischievous muse. Bored with her infamous long white dess, Emily D. invades Ada's closet and also her world. When Emily starts texting about everything including Ada's boyfriend Jack, Ada wonders if having her own BFF superstar poet is all it's cracked up to be. Written with humor, a sprinkling of poetry and surprise literary cameo appearances, Emily D. and Me reflects on the challenges, the joys, and the commitment of a writer's life.


ISBN-13: 9780991349449
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Doobie Shemer, 8/2014

Forty-five-year-old Doobie Shemer has it all: a loving family, two cars, a dog and two cats. He lives in his suburb house, holds a corporate executive position and he is financially stable. Life is comfortable and predictable. Yet, something is missing; something he can't describe can't put his finger on. A restless feeling of being incomplete dominates his whole existence. Nevertheless, Doobie soon learns that life for him was not meant to be routine or ordinary.


ISBN-13: 9781479345342
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 9/2012

Aracy, candid and informative diary into the world of beekeeping and beekeepers. A widowed city gal in her late fifties meets a divorced Swiss beekeeper in his sixties via the internet and takes on a new life. BEEKEEPER. BOOTS AND PEARLS is a story of growth, self re-invention and examination; of bees and sex, partnership and business. It is BEEKEEPING #101 through a hands on approach. A candid Diary of day to day life in and out of the fields and bed-sheets with the city gal turned beekeep. As one reader said “thrilling and informative -parallel stories - and who doesn’t like to read a very candid, personal sexy diary?”


A Time for Grace (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781492746454
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 12/2013

An Adult Mystery Thriller ~ a tale of lust, crime, murder, relationships. Divorce can often lead one to do extraordinary things. It has a way of awakening one’s full potential, opening the space between simply being there and taking charge: of redefining one’s life ~ discovering new found emotions and enacting on basic sexual desires. A story with little boundries. A tale of openness and little contrition. Caviar and designer drugs.


ISBN-13: 9781480031623
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 10/2012

Roald Dahl style - The books chronicle the adventures and intrigues of young twelve year old, Frankie Franks and her two friends, Rukimo Koh and Alastair Jade, who attend Nutfield Academy, a private boarding school located in England, near Cornwall, the land of Torchwood and King Arthur. They are accompanied by Frankie’s aunt, Edith Toppings, an international journalist and legal guardian, to places of adventure and mystery every Spring, Fall, Winter and ‘any occasion’ school Break.


ISBN-13: 9781634431262
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Sugath Warnakulasuriya, 11/2014

An illustrated story of two sweet, smart and stylish dogs who go to great lengths to learn about and taste the very best food from all over the world.


ISBN-13: 9781497596306
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Createspace, 5/2014

They buried her father at noon, at five she found his journals, and in the time it took to read one-and-a-half pages her world turned upside down… he thought she was a failure. Every child, no matter what age, wants to know their father loves them, and Tessa Curzio – thirty-six, emerging writer, ex-rocker, lapsed Catholic, defected Scientologist, and fourth in a family of eight complicated people – is no exception. But just when she thought her twitchy life was finally coming together – solid relationship, creative job; a view of the ocean – the one-two punch of her father’s death and posthumous indictment proves an existential knockout.


The Three Graces (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781941668023
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Michele Wolfe, 6/2014

College juniors Jessie, Isabel and Sara are linked in an unlikely friendship by visits to hidden places only they can see. Together on a trip to Hearst Castle in California an earth-shaking encounter with a stunning statue in the gardens binds them to the spirits of the Three Graces; Brilliance, Joy and Bloom. The Three Graces is a deep and beautiful story of discovery, of admitting to truths that have been buried, and of letting go of a past that hinders the present.


ISBN-13: 9781629010571
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Inkwater Press, 1/2014

Zendoscopy is the story of one Sherman Alt, from his somewhat unconventional birth to his settling into marital bliss, albeit with plumbing problems. Along the way, Sherman faces occasionally serious and frequently hilarious adversity as he tries to gain worldly experience, especially with the opposite sex. Told in discrete episodes, the sum total is a story of social awakening, along with a dollop of philosophy, and even a bit of cosmology. Sherman and the people he encounters are a motley group of fascinating folks you'll definitely want to get to know in this sometimes tender, sometimes wrenching, and sometimes outrageously funny collection of stories.


ISBN-13: 9781496939296
Availability: Probably In Stock -- Call to confirm
Published: Authorhouse, 10/2014

The life of Victor Johnell Wright changed forever during a high-school football game in 1976, when the star running back of the sophomore team at John Muir High School in Pasadena, California suffered a spinal injury during a botched play. Psychologists often point to several attitudes people go through when faced with a crisis: fear, denial, anger, acceptance, etc. Victor experienced them all, yet his faith in God and the loving care of his family and closest friends have allowed him to live the past four decades in a way that has inspired thousands and has made him a community treasure.