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ISBN: 9780692503508
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Published: The Mincing Mockingbird - November 12th, 2015

Birds. They're ubiquitous. Colorful. Expressive. As human beings, we tend to project our own characteristics upon these creatures. Artist Matt Adrian has taken this anthropomorphic tendency and exaggerated and expanded it, adorning his lush, minimalist avian portraits with non sequitur titles laced with humor, melancholy and a wicked touch of the absurd.

ISBN: 9780986360787
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Published: Think Piece Publishing, LLC - November 10th, 2015

At twenty-two, Julie Barton collapsed on her kitchen floor in Manhattan. She was one year out of college and severely depressed. Psychiatrists, therapists and family tried to intervene, but nothing reached her until the day she decided to do one hopeful thing: adopt a Golden Retriever puppy she named Bunker. Dog Medicine captures in beautiful, elegiac language the anguish of depression, the slow path to recovery, and the astonishing way animals can heal even the most broken hearts and minds.

ISBN: 9780996361606
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Tasha Bock - November 1st, 2015

This story is based on my sister Quincy's two cats, Mischief and Tinker. Mischief and Tinker were both adopted from New York City animal shelters and their distinct and determined personalities are reflected in this tail.

Quincy taught me the importance of feminism.  A feminist is anyone who believes that girls and boys deserve the same rights and treatment. Many leading thinkers emphasize that equality for women—at school, in the workplace, and elsewhere—will be instrumental in eradicating many of humanity’s greatest problems. It’s in the best interest of all of us to support one another!

ISBN: 9781511902700
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Published: Createspace - August 26th, 2015

Fifteen-year-old Berny Crowell's two-week stay with his parents in a cabin in the Adirondacks in the summer of 1959 is meant to be a time of "contemplation," according to his father, a man for whom books have become refuge from an arid marriage. Wanting to pass on his love of literature, he has guided Berny's reading and encouraged him to keep a journal. However, what Berny ends up contemplating is not quite what his father had in mind when the boy becomes infatuated with Lorraine, the fortyish sunbather across the lake. Add to the mix the athletic and super competitive Heather Whitcomb, also fifteen, and her little brother Scotty, each coping in their own way with the loss of their mother. Then there is the apparently serendipitous meeting with Edgar Bliss, a highly regarded author, who turns out to be nothing like his conception of a writer, and Berny soon realizes that much in life is not as it seems. Brimming with all the awkward longing and confusion of adolescence, Lust vs. Thoreau is a poignant throwback to those teenage days by the lake.

ISBN: 9781519102102
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - December 13th, 2015

In her collection of personal, stand-alone essays, you will not only be entertained by her colloquial, quirky style, surprising truths are revealed. Putting her “quirk to work,” she blends humor and depth. This easy, transparent read will appeal to anyone looking for a little downtime. You will end up not only with that, but so much more.

ISBN: 9780692479872
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Am - July 3rd, 2015

There Is Room for You: Tales from a Transgender Defender's Heart, by criminal defense attorney Zoe Dolan, is a memoir of recovery from sex addiction and a sexual assault, gender transitioning, scaling the ivory tower of federal court as a young trial attorney on high profile terrorism cases, and falling in love along the way.

About the Author: Zoe Dolan is a writer and trial lawyer known for handling newsworthy criminal cases, including the 2014 trial of Suleiman Abu Ghayth, a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden and the allegedly highest-ranked al-Qaeda suspect to be tried in a civilian court in the United States. Zoe blogs on The Huffington Post, and, earlier this year, as part of her Being Transgender - Naked project, Upworthy presented this video that has received over 500,000 views across various platforms. Profiles of Zoe and her work have appeared in The New York Times, Al Jazeera, and The Advocate.

ISBN: 9780996218047
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Devin Press - October 5th, 2015

In 1992 Dennis and Kevin have been together for 10 years as a gay couple. They are shocked at the suggestion of three people in one week that they should be parents. It inspires them to follow a dream and embark on the journey of their lives. To become dads with both of them genetically linked to their daughter. This is the story of how they conceived, reared and loved their daughter into adulthood and her amazing passion to change the world.

ISBN: 9780986300905
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: A Fabulous Life - May 1st, 2015

A vital tool for parents, teachers, counselors. Supports children at school after traumatic event, e.g., death, disaster, staff crisis. Children learn about feelings and how speaking with a trusted adult helps them feel better. Informational guide with warning signs, recommendations, resources.

ISBN: 9781500350369
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - November 11th, 2014

Eula’s skin was fair and her looks were beautiful. As a black woman in the 1930’s she hoped it would be enough to carry her from the drudgery of existing as a poor, Southern, colored woman. Upon meeting Badge, a fast speaking city man from Pittsburgh, PA, she believed she’d found everything she’d hoped for, or did she? Soon after marriage, Eula is blindsided by unexpected tragedy, the stifling oppression felt from mothering children, joblessness and her husband’s desire for a simple life.

ISBN: 9781480822832
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Archway Publishing - November 30th, 2015

Beyond Love is a tale of love, betrayal, anguish and redemption, the story of two people whose love dies in a storm of lies, deceit and despair, leaving them both shattered and hopelessly alone. James' story discloses that one step beyond love can encompass love, life, and everything in between. Moreover, sometimes life demands from lovers more than just love. James faces the challenge of destiny and has to prove that his feeling goes far away beyond love.

ISBN: 9780986403910
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Good Luck Publishing - September 23rd, 2015

This true story of survival, determination, and incredible luck will lift your spirits and inspire you to never give up on your dreams! Some people are born lucky. Others make their own luck. As a boy, Hank wanted nothing more than to fly like the fighter pilots he admires in the skies over Amsterdam. When the lives of Dutch citizens are turned upside down with the Nazi occupation of Holland, his dreams will have to wait as he witnesses the tragic unfolding of events affecting those around him before finding himself in a fight for his own life. He must go into hiding before his sixteenth birthday despite the fact that he is not Jewish. After the war, his life takes another unexpected turn when he is enlisted by his father in the American Army in Germany where his inability to speak English results in hilarious missteps at every turn. He can roll with the punches if the Army will teach him to fly, but when he learns that pilot training stopped with the end of the war, it seems he’ll never reach his goal. Undaunted, Private Hank evolves into a suave and popular soldier. He learns what it means to be American, arriving in America broke but determined to pursue his lofty goals in a manner only this quirky and very lucky Dutch-American would even think of trying, flying by the seat of his pants to some of the highest levels of aviation.

ISBN: 9780986445279
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Craft-O-Graft, LLC - November 1st, 2015

This inspired and inspiring book is an eloquent and loving tribute to Daven Gray, an extraordinary craftsman who transformed stonemasonry and architecture into high art forms. 

The book features a selection of Daven Gray’s favorite Southern California projects from his 40-year professional life as a stonemason, designer, contractor, and builder. These projects are wonderfully varied and splendidly realized, and they include his construction of magical alcoves, graceful walls, stately and gravity defying fireplaces, cobbled patios, stone garden walkways and benches, majestic columns, and spectacular houses.

This is an unforgettable testament to a memorable man who created masterfully built monuments that are simultaneously organic in structure, highly functional, and aesthetically beautiful.

– Maurya Simon, Professor Emerita, Professor of the Graduate Division, University of California, Riverside

ISBN: 9781504953474
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Published: Authorhouse - October 15th, 2015

Animosity was set from humans toward mosquitoes since the human presence on earth. On the other end, mosquitoes were doing their part for Mother Nature and humans, helping recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem in a caring and loving way. The mosquitoes felt confused and disappointed. After all, they were on this earth before humans. They didn't understand why there couldn't be such a thing as love between them two. Until one special mosquito named Skeeter was born, who was able to understand mosquitoes and humans because she was both. Skeeter is not only able to understand and care for humans but also falls in love with a human named Martin. Loathe and wrath from both worlds was brought upon her, but with Skeeter's courage and stubbornness and the determination of her dear friend, the mosquito village doctor, Geeze, they ended hatred that had lasted since the Jurassic period, placing love in the hearts of both worlds, especially in the hearts of Skeeter and Martin. They loved each other and lived happily ever after.

ISBN: 9781941530474
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Duet - October 15th, 2015

The sea holds many secrets.

Kevin Luong walks to the ocean's edge with a broken heart. Remembering a legend his mother told him, he lets seven tears fall into the sea. I just want one summer one summer to be happy and in love.

Instead, he finds himself saving a mysterious boy from the Pacific-a boy who later shows up on his doorstep professing his love. What he doesn't know is that Morgan is a selkie, drawn to answer Kevin's wish.

As they grow close, Morgan is caught between the dangers of the human world and his legacy in the selkie community to which he must return at summer's end.

"A romantic young adult tale full of beautiful imagery and a blossoming young love that will warn your heart. Debut author C.B. Lee deftly explores issues surroundingrace, bisexuality and mixed family dynamics against the sweet summer of a California sea." - MuggleNet Book Reviews

By Aimee Lissantheia, Tim Lukowiak (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780986288180
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Beloved Press - December 1st, 2015

WELCOME TO THE MAGICAL WORLD OF BEES! Join Melissa, a newborn bee, as she explores her cozy home and learns about the hive with her sisters, brothers and their beloved Queen. Everyone does their part with love in oneness. When she is old enough, Melissa summons her courage and ventures out into the big world, dancing with flowers and making new friends, as she revels in nectar and pollen collection for her family. When the hive becomes too crowded, the Queen honors Melissa by asking her to be a scout to help find a new home.
While following Melissa’s adventures, readers may glimpse at how bees cooperate and co-create, care for babies and the Queen, find nectar and pollen, communicate, make honey, and protect themselves. Rich with endearing and vibrant illustrations, this book weaves story, songs and images into a tapestry of joy, wonder and appreciation for the ancient lineage and loving service of the honey bees as they nurture and celebrate life. 
Appendix bonuses include a glossary, inspiration for a bee garden, bee inspired activities, wisdom of the bees, bee appreciation information, community resources, references, and more.
We represent nurturing, honoring and celebrating life, as a dedication to the service of the bees. All of our creations, projects, education and services are based in giving to the sustenance of life. May all who receive our products and offerings be nurtured, honored and celebrated as unique gifts in the oneness of all.
We invite you to join us for our adventures. Let’s go hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, into the garden with Melissa Bee.

ISBN: 9781511858731
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace - May 14th, 2015

In Evolving to Grace: A story of perseverance, strength, spiritual evolution, and the choices one must make to change one's path, I share my life's experiences, my journey-finding my way out of darkness-discovering hope, positivity, strength, happiness and the right path for the life I choose to live. I write about many challenges I've had to face and overcome-either due to alcoholism, depression, violence, and rape. Life can be a roller-coaster ride for some more than others. Mine has been this way. Born into generations of educated, privileged, and successful millionaires, I tell a story of how one generation's downfall due to financial, emotional, and addiction problems had crippling, traumatic effects on everyone around them, including myself. This story is about my journey of how I was going to fight with every fiber of my being, so that I would not follow in the footsteps of others. From very dark times as a teenager where I believed suicide was the only option to later entertaining times in my early 20's living in the City of Angels, hobnobbing with professional athletes and entertainers. I could be labeled many things: illegal, ACOA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic), domestic violence survivor, excessive alcohol and drug user, rape victim, assault victim, hitchhiker, high school dropout, call girl, and single mother on welfare. But, these are just situations I ended up in when I was lost and broken. I've learned from my past and I am evolving to find my grace in this beautiful thing we call life. I write to inspire others to never give up. You can change your destiny, your path.

ISBN: 9780996335300
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Mardiros, Madenjian - December 1st, 2015

On a starry night, little Hovsep envisions inheriting his uncle's properties if, as according to the law, he dies childless. Little Varteni thinks, that the deportation is an opportunity to see the world. She soon discovers that it is a death march, while the dream of Hovsep turns into frightening nightmare. Both children will experience many sufferings and fear of death during the forced march that words can not describe what they have endured to survive. 

ISBN: 9780996626507
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Wellness Kids Adventures - December 1st, 2015

Riley the Porcupine takes kids and parents on a wellness adventure showing them the magic of Acupuncture. He teaches those on his journey how to activate wellness points by using his magic quills to heal. He inspires self-healing, loving friendships and sharing.

ISBN: 9781512117653
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace - May 13th, 2015

This unique, funny and inspiring book of poems documents the poet's journey into greater and greater joy as she spends more time with her statue of the Laughing Buddha. "She practically dares the universe to bring her down, and it cannot do so. In poem after poem, laughter triumphs over whatever comes her way. It is a literate, knowing laughter," that will set the reader "smiling, then laughing, then seeing, then smiling a deeper kind of smile." Jane Marla Robbins is a National Endowment of the Arts Poetry Grant finalist.

ISBN: 9780988186668
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Summertime Productions - March 18th, 2013

The Playground is Dirty is a novel to inspire today's teenagers to be conscious about making the right decisions for themselves. It's imperative that they understand the challenges and decisions they face will affect the rest of their life. Within this book there is a greed factor of selfishness and self satisfying and not caring about how others feel. I hope as the author of this book, this love triangle story will enlighten the reader to treat others, the way you would want to be treated.