Luisa Weiss discusses and signs My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (With Recipes)

09/21/2012 7:00 pm
695 E. Colorado Blvd
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When Luisa was 31, she was at a crossroads. She had the man, the friends, and the dream job, but she knew something was missing. Since she couldn't quite put her finger on how to fill the hole in her heart, she settled for the next best thing: her stomach. And so Weiss cooked—recipes for soups and salads and pastas and donuts, bringing her back to her mother's cozy Berlin apartment or her father's sprawling Brookline townhouse or her grandparents' Italian garden—and chronicled this fail-safe homesickness antidote on her blog, The Wednesday Chef, garnering a loyal base of empathetic readers.  But she never quite stopped hankering for Berlin. After a wonderful weekend there, she took the plunge, broke off her engagement, quit her job and decided to move back, discovering a city that had changed as much as she had.

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