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I'm Not Gonna Lie by George Lopez (SIGNED COPY)

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I’m Not Gonna Lie will be released on May 7th.  Now is your chance to pre-order a signed copy autographed by George Lopez.

Book Description:
From one of the most celebrated and beloved comedians and actors of our time, George Lopez, comes this hilarious and sometimes touch¬ing chronicle of life after fifty.

GEORGE LOPEZ just hit the half-century mark and the reset button on his life. As George learns to embrace life after fifty, he invites readers into his world, sharing the ups and downs of get¬ting older—from his relationship with a much younger woman to a bizarre session with a pet psychic, from behind the scenes of his tumultuous two years at Lopez Tonight to an intimate look at his sacred ground, the golf course — and, for the first time, he reveals in moving detail the story of the battle for his life against kidney disease.

I’m Not Gonna Lie
will make you laugh at yourself, cry about yourself, and look at turning fifty in a way you never would’ve imagined—through the eyes of George Lopez.

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