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Vroman's Art on the Stairwell

Now on exhibit
Robert Bieselin

About Word is Bond: 

WORD IS BOND is a series of painting prints inspired equally by early-20th century art and late-20th century hip-hop. Each painting features a literal depiction of a song lyric from artists such as Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z, in a minimalistic style influenced by artists such as Josef Albers and Mark Rothko.

In addition to serving as an homage to disparate artists and artforms, the paintings are meant to challenge false discipline hierarchies in art
(i.e. the bull**** notion that modern art is "high-brow," while hip-hop is "low-brow").

About the Artist:
Robert Bieselin is a graphic designer and writer from Monroe, New York.
He lives in Los Angeles, CA, and is approximately 5’7” tall and 145lb.