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Vroman's Art on the Stairwell

Now on exhibit
Philip Carrera

About the Artist:

Philip Carrera is a Los Angeles-based artist, whose latest project ‘The Art of Mischief: Illustrating the World’s Most Notorious Troublemakers, Vol. 1’ has been recognized by The Getty Museum’s online magazine, ‘The Getty Iris’ and The Pasadena Weekly

The first, of a seven volume series, ‘The Art of Mischief’ comprises of twenty contemporary illustrations revolving around fairy tales, myths, and folklore, gathered from around the world. Through dreamlike imagery, Philip Carrera’s work stimulates your imagination, connects you with the past, and invites you to join him in celebrating these timeless tales, destined to delight for generations to come. 

To learn more, please visit www.philipcarrera.com