Vroman’s Local Author Day featuring Charlie Retts, Sharon Heath, and Christopher M. Allport

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Charlie Retts presents It’s All About You!

Middle management is the glue that holds organizations together, yet many middle managers encounter a lack of support from upper management and massive employee disengagement. This book is a practical solution. Based on Charlie Retts' decades of experience in middle management, along with his doctorate in adult education, this book will help you in assessing your own current leadership style, and then guide you to become a more effective and engaged manager. Using stories, Retts helps the reader explore real-life situations to assess all the options that could have been available, as well as assessing what you might have done. Each chapter ends with reflection questions and "key points." Along the way, brief "stop for a moment" reflections help to focus on the reasons and benefits of different approaches.


Sharon Heath presents The Mysterious Composition of Tears

After a series of climate calamities, physicist Fleur Robins takes off for deep space in a desperate attempt to save the species from extinction. During her mysteriously prolonged absence, the internet has crashed, fire and flood have devastated whole countries, and End of Times cults have proliferated. There have been some intriguingly hopeful changes, too-nanoparticle holograms have replaced electronic devices, young people are witnessing exquisitely colorful "Shimmers," and the most gifted of them converse regularly with animals and trees.

While Fleur's distraught husband Adam leads their Caltech physics team in frantic efforts to pinpoint her whereabouts, and Fleur herself plots her return home, their teenaged children Callay and Wolf fall in love with surprising partners. But when the charming son of an End of Times pastor crosses Wolf's path during a particularly vibrant Shimmer, events are set in motion that will upend everyone's life and transform planet Earth itself.

This latest installment of Sharon Heath's saga of the quirky Nobelist Fleur is simultaneously a vision of what awaits us in a post-Covid world, a wild romp through quantum reality, and a deep sea dive into the dark and light vagaries of the human heart.


Christopher M. Allport presents Senja Chronicles

During a terrifying home invasion, a Scandinavian hunter’s teenage daughter is kidnapped, and his wife is brutally killed. After a botched police investigation, Sigurd Martinsen finds himself connected to Echo Team, an exclusive NATO special-ops unit.
Old Norse legends are awakened when Echo’s shocking discoveries turn out to be far worse than the suspected Russian-backed militants, hiding in an obsolete, Nazi-created, World War II era tunnel system.
What happens deep within the bowels of Northern Norway’s fabled Segla Mountain when Sigurd and Echo Team — like modern-day Vikings — find themselves up against menacing cave-dwelling trolls, who have been awakened and are ready to kill intruders?

Event date: 
Sunday, August 27, 2023 - 4:00pm
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Vroman's Bookstore
695 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
It's All About You! 10 Leadership Parables for Maximizing Middle Management: 10 Leadership Parables for Maximizing Middle Management By Charlie Rhetts Cover Image
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ISBN: 9789198860603
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Published: Alpha Command Unit Press - April 1st, 2023
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