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Authors Currently Available

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Authors Currently Available

These authors are looking for schools to visit. Please click on their names for further information.  Each link includes information on the date of the author visit, about the author, about the book they’re promoting, the length and topic of their presentation, their desired school type and grades they’d like to speak with, their AV needs, and order form info. Please make sure you can accommodate them, including all of their request/needs, and that your school isn’t testing or out on school break that day, etc. before requesting to host them. To request an author, please email Jen Pino.


Author Michael Paul (best for Ages 3 and up) Author Carter Higgins (best for ages 3 to 12) Author Thyra Heder (best for ages 3 to 8) 

Author Antoinette Portis ( best for ages 3 and up)  Author Cynthia Wylie (best for ages 4 to 8) Author Mina Javaherbin (best for ages 4 and up) 

Photo of Julie Leung with the text "ages 4-12" Anne Wheaton (best for ages 5 to 8) Photo of Mac Barnett with the text "Ages 7-10" 

Jennifer Torres (best for ages 8 to 12) Photo of Justin Dean with the text "ages 8-12" Keith Calabrese (best for ages 8 to 12)  

Author of Renee Watson (best for ages 8 to 12)  Author Ella Morton (best for ages 8 to 12) Author Maulik Pancholy (best for ages 8 to 12)

 Chef Gino (best for ages 8 to 12) Author Maryrose Wood (best for ages 8-12) Authors Scott Peterson and Joshua Pruett (best for ages 9-12)

 Author Robin Stevenson (best for ages 9-12)  Author Henry Lien (best for age 10-14)  





Authors No Longer Available


Authors Jennifer and Matthew Holm