BLM - Petitions

Phone Numbers To Text
Text Jake to 55156
And demand the immediate firing and arrest of the officer who shot Jacob Blake. 

Text “Justice” to 55156
And demand that the District Attorneys George Barnhill and Jackie Johnson are removed from office

Text ENOUGH to 55156
And demand justice. The officers that murdered Breona Taylor still have their jobs

Justice for Duante Wright

Justice for Jacob Blake

Justice for Trayford Pellerin #1

Justice for Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau #1 #2

Justice for Na’kia Crawford #1

Justice for Robert Fuller #1

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Tamir Rice #1 #2

Justice for Tony McDade

Justice for Tete Gulley #1

Justice For Emerald Black #1

Justice for Elijah McClain #1 #2

Justice for George Floyd #1 #2
Defund MPD

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery #1 #2 #3
Pass Georgia Hate Crime Bill

Hands Up Act - sign here

National Action Against Police Brutality - sign here

Abolish Prison Labor - sign here

Movement for Black Lives - sign here

The Trayvon Martin Law - sign here

#DefundPolice - sign here

Classify White Supremacist Groups as Domestic Terrorist Organizations - sign here

End Systemic Racism - sign here

Free every Black person incarcerated on marijuana related charges - sign here

Make Juneteenth a National Holiday in 2020  - sign here

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