The Ocean: Our Future (Hardcover)

The Ocean: Our Future By Independent World Commission on the Ocea, Mario Soares (Editor) Cover Image


The Ocean, Our Future is the official report of the Independent World Commission on the Oceans, chaired by M rio Soares, former President of Portugal. Its aim is to summarize the very real problems affecting the ocean and its future management, and to provide imaginative solutions to these various and interlocking problems. The oceans have traditionally been taken for granted as a source of wealth, opportunity and abundance. Our growing understanding of the oceans has fundamentally changed this perception. We now know that in some areas, abundance is giving way to real scarcity, resulting in severe conflicts. Territorial disputes that threaten peace and security, disruptions to global climate, overfishing, habitat destruction, species extinction, indiscriminate trawling, pollution, the dumping of hazardous and toxic wastes, piracy, terrorism, illegal trafficking and the destruction of coastal communities are among the problems that today form an integral part of the unfolding drama of the oceans. Based on the deliberations, experience and input of more than 100 specialists from around the world, this timely volume provides a powerful overview of the state of our water world.
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ISBN: 9780521642866
ISBN-10: 0521642868
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 1998
Pages: 248
Language: English