One Unity Study Bible: Discover For Yourself Facts and Context (Paperback)

One Unity Study Bible: Discover For Yourself Facts and Context By Thomas Robinson, Volunteer Helpers (Contribution by) Cover Image
By Thomas Robinson, Volunteer Helpers (Contribution by)


What context would the disciples have known before Yeshua (Jesus) taught them? One Unity Study Bible (OUSB)'s goal is to promote Biblical familiarity, by presenting facts and context and the Jewish context of Scripture in an accessible way to everyday English readers. OUSB is a seminary alternative like unto how Yeshua (Jesus) instructed everyday people to become whole Bible familiar by engaging with interconnections in the Scripture. Let the Bible interpret itself. Discover for yourself

Avoiding theological bias, as much as possible, OUSB highlights Facts and Context empowering the reader to engage critical thinking skills. Let the Bible interpret itself Amplifying the Hebrew Culture context of Scripture, readers can gain an understanding of common grounds for respectful dialogue between Judaism and Christianity.

This community-based project has been created by the dedication of over 43 volunteer Helpers laboring nearly 60,000 hours since 2006. Everyday people working unto God's glory producing a scholarly project for everyday people, encouraging thought and whole Bible familiarity. Resources are directly in text, in study notes, and 17 Appendices.

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ISBN: 9780578199153
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Publisher: HIS Publishing Group
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2017
Pages: 838
Language: English