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To Be Worthy: The Radical Realization That You Get to Be YOU (Paperback)

To Be Worthy: The Radical Realization That You Get to Be YOU Cover Image
By Charlotte Eléa, Barsha Dahal (Cover Design by)
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RECLAIM THE REAL WORTHY YOU: Worthiness is not something that we can learn from others. Rather, it is an awakening that must come from within. Worthiness is our birthright. Each one of us knows deep inside at our core that we are worthy.

So, how do we come to this radical realization?

In To Be Worthy, Charlotte El a shares the inspiration, tools, and practices to reclaim your self-worth:

  • Break through wounding beliefs and the root causes of your feelings of unworthiness.
  • Reclaim what makes you YOU, and integrate new, powerful truths about who you really are.
  • Transform your relationship to yourself into one of love and trust.
  • Discover a whole new way of living by following your own inner guidance.

As a sensitive and soulful woman, Charlotte, too, walked through the world carrying wounding beliefs about her self-worth as a heavy burden. For a very long time, she believed that there was something wrong with her, and looked everywhere outside herself for the answers.

Then one day, all of that changed... she began an inward journey to discover her true voice.

Charlotte invites you to come on a journey of self-discovery and revelation. Of deep, soul healing that will crack you wide open. In To Be Worthy, she shares it all, from her struggles and heartache, to her greatest breakthrough moments.

As you follow along, you'll release your own wounding beliefs, and discover how uniquely worthy, powerful and gifted you are.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578578149
ISBN-10: 057857814X
Publisher: Big Beautiful Breakthrough
Publication Date: November 5th, 2019
Pages: 278
Language: English

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