My Danish Pastry (Paperback)

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By Guru Om
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The old adage 'Be careful what you ask for' certainly holds true in this further adventure of Yorky aka Richard Swindells now that he is back in the country that he came out of. In the Outback, as a shearer, he wanted love, a girfriend, sex, everything he saw that others around him had. Well, he got it but it definitely wasn't what he thought he thought it would be.

Of all the adventures in the Outback of NSW Australia, nothing could compare with this one; marriage and fatherhood A home owner, mortgage payer, working like a slave. The words of his mother, told to him at an early age 'You must be responsible for your own actions.'

A 'roll in the hay' (or in this case a bale of wool in the mill) leads him into a world that he is not prepared for. Oh she's pretty, foreign, young, the downside is her addiction and mental illness; he really wants to help her, he really cares for her. He has to learn, the hard way, when is enough, enough? After four years he finally pulls the pin. The story is realand shows the lengths someone will go to to make someone else happy but also knowing when to stop giving and give back to yourself instead.

In today's society much has been said about men abusing women, this is a story of the hidden female abuse of men which needs to be addressed.

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ISBN: 9780645122640
ISBN-10: 0645122645
Publisher: Three Little Birds Press
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Pages: 228
Language: English