The Priceless Gift: Utzon's Symphony (Paperback)

The Priceless Gift: Utzon's Symphony By Anthony Chidiac, Michael Arvithis (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Anthony Chidiac, Michael Arvithis (Illustrator)
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The Priceless Gift explores the inspiring story of Jorn Utzon whose gifts of creativity, imagination and determination and how he would change the landscape of Sydney forever with his innovative Opera House design. By relying on the wisdom of famous architectural designers and using nature as his inspiration Utzon's buildings dramatically came to life from their surrounding environment.

As an architect Utzon dared to dream and strove for beauty and excellence with his groundbreaking designs. His Sydney Opera House project challenged the engineers with questions never encountered before in a building that over time he was able to solve. Nevertheless, his radical vision came into conflict with the politicians and powerbrokers who questioned his overall direction and planning decisions. They were more concerned with balancing budgets and meeting strict deadlines than with creating a priceless work of art for the city. With his Opera House half finished and feeling frustrated and betrayed Utzon resigned from the project, leaving the site, never to return again.

Over several decades many people pleaded with him to come back to finish his unique project. Eventually he relented to their persistent pleas completing the drawings which reflected his original and timeless vision for the people of Sydney. Utzon's Opera House has changed the identity of Sydney putting the city firmly on the global map.

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ISBN: 9780648285700
ISBN-10: 0648285707
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2018
Pages: 44
Language: English