Nietzsche, Metaphor, Religion (Paperback)

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Nietzsche argued that metaphor is at the basis of language, concepts, and perception, making it the vehicle by which humans interpret the world. As such, metaphor has profound consequences for the nature of religion and of philosophy. Nietzsche, Metaphor, Religion connects Nietzsche's early writings on rhetoric and metaphor, especially as understood by contemporary French philosophers and literary theorists, with Nietzsche's later writings on religion. The result is a radically anti-foundationalist reading of Nietzsche's "philosophy of religion" as an unending series of metaphoric-literary agons or contests.

About the Author

Tim Murphy teaches in the Department of Religion at Case Western Reserve University.
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ISBN: 9780791450888
ISBN-10: 0791450880
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication Date: October 11th, 2001
Pages: 235
Language: English
Series: SUNY Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy