Retargetable Compiler Technology for Embedded Systems: Tools and Applications (Hardcover)

Retargetable Compiler Technology for Embedded Systems: Tools and Applications By Rainer Leupers, Peter Marwedel Cover Image
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It is well known that embedded systems have to be implemented efficiently. This requires that processors optimized for certain application domains are used in embedded systems. Such an optimization requires a careful exploration of the design space, including a detailed study of cost/performance tradeoffs. In order to avoid time-consuming assembly language programming during design space exploration, compilers are needed. In order to analyze the effect of various software or hardware configurations on the performance, retargetable compilers are needed that can generate code for numerous different potential hardware configurations. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the fast developing area of retargetable compilers for embedded systems. It describes a large set important tools as well as applications of retargetable compilers at different levels in the design flow.
Retargetable Compiler Technology for Embedded Systems is mostly self-contained and requires only fundamental knowledge in software and compiler design. It is intended to be a key reference for researchers and designers working on software, compilers, and processor optimization for embedded systems.
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ISBN: 9780792375784
ISBN-10: 0792375785
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: October 31st, 2001
Pages: 176
Language: English