Angels and Demons: A Catholic Introduction (Thomistic Ressourcement #6) (Paperback)

Angels and Demons: A Catholic Introduction (Thomistic Ressourcement #6) By Serge-Thomas Bonino, Michael J. Miller (Translator) Cover Image
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Angels occupy a significant space in contemporary popular spirituality. Yet, today more than ever, the belief in the existence of intermediary spirits between the human and divine realms needs to be evangelized and Christianized. Angels and Demons offers a detailed synthesis of the givens of the Christian tradition concerning the angels and demons, as systematized in its essential principles by St. Thomas Aquinas. Certainly, the doctrine of angels and demons is not at the heart of Christian faith, but its place is far from negligible. On the one hand, as part of faith seeking understanding, angelology has been and can continue to be a source of enrichment for philosophy. Thus, reflection on the ontological constitution of the angel, on the modes of angelic knowledge, and on the nature of the sin of Satan can engage and shed light on the most fundamental areas of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. On the other hand, angelology, insofar as it is inseparable from the ensemble of the Christian mystery (from the doctrine of creation to the Christian understanding of the spiritual life), can be envisioned from an original and fruitful perspective.

Father Serge-Thomas Bonino is a renowned European theologian and highly regarded expert in Thomist thought, both philosophical and theological. He is the current Secretary of the International Theological Commission. To date very little of his work has been translated into English. This book is a comprehensive philosophical and theological investigation of angels and demons and is unquestionably the most comprehensive book on this neglected topic written since the Second Vatican Council.

About the Author

Serge-Thomas Bonino, OP is the Dean of the Phiosophy Faculty at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
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ISBN: 9780813227993
ISBN-10: 0813227992
Publisher: Catholic University of America Press
Publication Date: January 8th, 2016
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Thomistic Ressourcement