School Zone Bible Mazes! Workbook (Paperback)

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Scripture-themed mazes make learning fun and memorable This Bible Mazes workbook, from the Inspired Learning Series, contains 32 mazes for your child to solve. Each one features a different story from the Bible that will remind children of God's love and faithfulness. The design of the maze incorporates a key element of the story. For example, "Follow the path to help the big fish spit Jonah onto dry land as in Jonah 2:1-10." At the bottom of the page is the reminder: "God is with you even when you feel alone " Children will delight in solving these creative mazes with the help of pictures from the Old and New Testaments. Spiritual content, wide maze paths, delightful characters, and colorful pictures make this workbook a perfect fit for young learners. As they navigate the twists and turns of the mazes, children will be developing eye-hand coordination, attention to detail, problem-solving techniques, and scripture reinforcement. Bible Mazes is a wonderful book for parents, Sunday school teachers, and home and Christian educators. It will quickly become a favorite resource for even your youngest learners, and its slim size makes it super for slipping into totes, backpacks, and luggage for a take-anywhere activity.

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More than 40 years ago, long-time educators James Hoffman, Ed.D., and his wife Joan Hoffman, M.A., began a retail supply outlet for teachers, then soon identified a need for at-home learning materials to help parents support and supplement their children's classroom instruction. School Zone fast emerged as the market leader in workbooks and flashcards for preschoolers through sixth graders. School Zone remains family-owned, focused on excellence, and committed to the community. We continually update our products with new features and content, reflective of changing standards, evolving teaching methods, and overall best practices.
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ISBN: 9780887437915
ISBN-10: 0887437915
Publisher: School Zone
Publication Date: January 8th, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English