Rooted in Decency: Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways (Paperback)

Rooted in Decency: Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways By Colleen Doyle Bryant Cover Image
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What happened to common decency? And how do we move forward toward cooperation and kindness?

Take a quick scan of the headlines and... wow. From disrespect to deception, it's easy to question whether indecency has taken root in society. Rooted in Decency offers insights from a range of sources-from Aristotle to today's thought leaders, from happiness research to neuroscience-that paint a thought-provoking picture about how we got here and how today's culture may be affecting the way you think and feel in unexpected ways. Discover a path for each of us-and all of us-to move out of this divisive period.

Insights to change the conversation

Short, conversational chapters deliver "a-ha" moments that you can use right now to change the tone of the debate. Get in on discussions like:

  • Why self-respect makes people happier than self-esteem
  • How to talk to people you don't agree with (in a way that they'll listen)
  • How some people misuse respect to justify disrespect
  • How a culture of personal responsibility is the secret to better mental health and less tribalism

Clarify your moral compass

Rooted in Decency reveals four core values that are the foundation for personal happiness, strong teams, and positive societies. Using an innovative approach, you can clarify your own moral compass and see how it can guide you through these contentious times.

Great for book clubs, teams, leaders

With built-in journaling pages, each short chapter offers ideas and exercises that can help us see each other and the issues in a more productive way. No matter which side of a debate you're on, learn tips for understanding other perspectives and knowing how to communicate so that other people can understand what you value.

Reviewers agree, Rooted in Decency is the book we need right now

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ISBN: 9780984905669
ISBN-10: 0984905669
Publisher: Lovewell Press LLC
Publication Date: October 4th, 2022
Pages: 340
Language: English