Word Find For Your Mind: Educational Edition (Volume #1) (Paperback)

Word Find For Your Mind: Educational Edition (Volume #1) By L. M. Pratt Cover Image
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Word Find for Your Mind, Educational Edition, Volume 1, by L.M. Pratt, is an exceptionally well designed, comprehensive, scientific, mathematic, sociological, geographic and religious WORD SEARCH PUZZLE BOOK. Volume 1 has 43 puzzles with 3,043 words.

Teachers This book is perfect for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), core coursework. Take the complexity and boredom out of the classroom by teaching English, Inorganic science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth science, Geology, Meteorology, Topography, African, Asian, European, North, South and Central America's Countries; All of the Counties in: California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and New York; Language: dialects, homographs, homophones, linguistic terms, verbs and their tenses, Math and numbers, coins and currency, measures, time, tenses, days of the week, seasons, calendar months, moons and the solar system, Religion, books of the bible, religious congregations, Christmas terms, Social Science: Native American Tribes, 50 United States and Capitols, Presidents and Vice Presidents and Major U.S. Cities.

By using Word Find For Your Mind: Educational Edition, Volume 1, you will increase your student's knowledge base in various disciplines, while entertaining. This book will also help Seniors with alertness and ESL (English as a second language), students.

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ISBN: 9780986389306
ISBN-10: 0986389307
Publisher: Word Search Publishing
Publication Date: August 18th, 2015
Pages: 106
Language: English
Series: Volume