After the Warning to 2038 (Paperback)

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Our civilization as we know it, is running out of time, but most fail to see the sudden destruction, soon to fall upon us. "When conditions are at their worst," a WARNING will come directly from God and few people are aware of the hour. This can be calculated accurately, based on scores of prophecies available to us through Catholic saints inspired by the Holy Spirit.
In the 20th century and up to now, Satan is allowed the opportunity to accomplish his greatest challenge, since the beginning of mankind. The power of darkness has been increasing for the last 250 years since the rise of Freemasonry/ Illuminati. God allows Satan an extended reign to have more time and more power to defeat and destroy the Church and in fact all mankind. HIDDEN political powers continually deceive mankind through a communist agenda.
Pope John Paul II during his time, was aware of a GREAT STORM on the horizon: "Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates on the horizon of all mankind, enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls upon mankind." An awakening is coming Pope John Paul talked about the Lamb (Jesus Christ), who is the only one able to open up the seven seals: "That scroll contains the whole series of divine decrees that must be accomplished in human history to make perfect justice prevail. If the scroll remains sealed, these decrees can be neither known nor implemented, and wickedness will continue to spread and oppress believers. Hence, the need for authoritative intervention: it would be made by the slain and risen take the scroll and to open its seals.
The WARNING has been predicted in prophecies in the Catholic Church for over 500 years. In the 20th Century, Mary, Mother of Jesus has predicted this same event with urgency, at three different apparition sites. The Warning or Illumination of Conscience is the first of the Ten Secrets or events that will unfold on this earth. These events are the unfolding of the Seals of Revelation. The Warning will take place for all humanity, because of an intense build-up of cataclysmic events unfolding in RUSSIA and UKRAINE and about to unfold in the MIDDLE EAST and in the United States that will affect the entire world.
The book, "AFTER THE WARNING TO 2038" reveals many prophecies unfolding in the near future of Biblical prophecies, and Catholic prophecies from the Holy Spirit, revealed to the Early Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, and Catholic saints including venerable, blessed, and canonized; Mystics of the Church including stigmatists, priests and religious, men and women of notable discernible credibility, and from visionaries who have seen Mary, Mother of Jesus; all through the Holy Spirit. This book has many major prophecies of DETAILED INFORMATION about 10 secrets or EVENTS in chronological order about to unfold. Many of these events HAVE NOT EVER been experienced on this earth before.
Our Lady of Medjugorje relates events just before the time of the Warning: "It is an upheaval of a region of the world. In the world, there are so many sins." Our Lady of Peace to Pedro Regis at Anguera, Brazil states: "Humanity is contaminated with evil and my poor children pursue the paths of self-destruction. Israel will live the anguish of one condemned because of the surprise by the men of terror." "The City of Jerusalem will be destroyed and when they go through the tribulation, it will not be recognized." These 10 events will unfold from about 2023 to 2038.
We live in the 5th Church age of Seven Church ages that correlate with the Seven Churches in Revelation. After 2038, those who are left on the earth will live on the land during the 6th Church age of genuine Peace according to Catholic Prophecies.

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ISBN: 9780993619625
ISBN-10: 0993619622
Publisher: Bruce A. Cyr
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2017
Pages: 434
Language: English