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Cowphoon (Paperback)

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Upon hearing that a freak wave has destroyed a nuclear research facility across the ocean, most people would be unconcerned. Well, concern might be the least of one's problems, particularly if the destruction caused by the wave leads to a radioactive debris pile floating all the way across the ocean, only to hit the west coast of our beloved county at the exact time and location a gigantic, devastating storm slams into a modern metropolitan city. As one would expect, cows and seagulls are mutated, and a night of bizarre battling ensues. The new book, Cowphoon, recounts the adventures of that horrific and hilarious event, in an absurd tale of mooing and mayhem. Readers will be captivated by the fast-paced battle between cattle, gulls, humans, and yes, even aliens They'll delight in the comical adventures of the kindly beat-cop and his sunglasses-laden citizen-deputy. They'll marvel at the amazing mutations of both bovine and bird. And, in the end, be enthralled by the thrilling showdown at the Cow Palace, where farmers, bikers, celebrity impersonators and surfers gather in an attempt to save the day. Cowphoon is the latest addition to the burgeoning Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Ridiculous Novella category, and is guaranteed to be a wonderful read for folks of all ages. Plus, see how many of the more than 230 cow references; masterfully woven into and hidden throughout the next, great comedy adventure novel, you can find.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780998963105
ISBN-10: 0998963100
Publisher: Glen Granholm
Publication Date: October 8th, 2017
Pages: 212
Language: English