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Finding Love After 40: Real Stories about Real Love in the Prime of Life (and a Little Beyond) (Paperback)

Finding Love After 40: Real Stories about Real Love in the Prime of Life (and a Little Beyond) Cover Image
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If you've given up on love or know someone who has, this inspiring and amusing book is guaranteed to get you out of the doldrums and put a smile in your heart -- even if you're under 40 (read it first, then give it to your mom ) or in your 50s, 60s, 70s or well beyond. It's never too late for love, and this insightful, encouraging, and relatable collection of very honest stories reveals how couples - both "normal" and famous -- found the most fulfilling love of their lives in midlife and even into their 90s. The book, a #1 International Amazon Best Seller and one of IndieReader's Best Reviewed Books, offers hope that anyone can find love in their own time, and in their own way, at any age. Although the book doesn't offer a formula, it guides readers to their own conclusions about how to find love. Some people even feel the book is talking directly to them.

Finding Love After 40 shares dozens of stories from people of various religious/spiritual and sexual orientation, including a Christian woman who maintained a policy of strict abstinence until she married at 40, a gay man who married his soulmate in his 50s, a woman in her late 60s who has been in a fulfilling polyamorous relationship for more than 15 years, a straight Jewish couple who met on line and bonded over shared background as well as religion, and a church-going couple who fell in love when she was 84 and he was 90.

In witnessing the simple yet profound wisdom within real stories of ordinary people who wake up every morning next to the love of their life, the author hopes you'll gain the belief that love is possible, no matter your foibles, past missteps, or what you may view as regrettable decisions. And if you're already in a fulfilling relationship, she hopes you will enjoy reading other people's love stories and smile, because you already know that it's never too late to enjoy the magic of love.

About the Author

Belinda Busteed Burum, a Southern California native, cut her journalism teeth in the late 70s writing features for the Pasadena Star-News. She later wrote advertising copy in Zurich, Switzerland, and served as San Jose Bureau Chief for Bay City News Service before switching to a career in high-tech marketing communications for what is now Hewlett Packard Enterprise and DXC Technology. She also serves as a writer/editor for Flow Research in Wakefield, Massachusetts, and has taught English as a Second Language in Boston, Massachusetts, and Quito, Ecuador. She is passionate about travel, grammar, dancing, and helping others tell their stories.

Praise For…

“ ‘Women over 40 are more likely to be killed by a terrorist than find a husband’ is so 1986. Never has it been easier for us to find the love that we want—the kind that inspires and empowers us. This insightful and engaging book shares the secrets of happy couples who wondered if it would happen for them too. Get the hope you need through this entertaining and well-written read.” —Wendy Newman, author of 121 First Dates

“As a first-time bride at 43 and now a relationship coach, I know that looking for love can be frustrating. Yet finding love, especially later in life, is a great blessing and source of happiness—and totally possible. This book is a thoughtful and encouraging voice for the real-life joys of opening to love at any age.” —Michelle Marchant Johnson, Love Life Coaching

“Finding love is about getting real with yourself and your heart. As Belinda Burum shares in these inspiring love stories, you can see that when you have an open heart, anything is possible, at any age.” —Renée Piane, author of Get Real about Love:

The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love “A very fun and enlightening read.” —Susan Page, author of If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?

“In Finding Love after 40, Belinda Burum shares stories of love, giving hope to everyone that it truly is possible to get the love you want, regardless of age. Get this book to be inspired and to help your friends find true love!” — John Seeley, M.A., author of Keep On Believing

“I strongly believe we’re never too old for anything, especially sex and happiness, and this book will inspire you to see that both are possible at any age.” —Laurie Handlers, author of Sex and Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy

“Thank you for bringing a light to so many who may have thought they were beyond an age where they could find love. In reality, the best has yet to come! Belinda Burum has presented an empowering train of thought for people to consider.” —Hugh Campbell, Pranic Healer
Product Details
ISBN: 9780999105917
ISBN-10: 0999105914
Publisher: Lion Heart Press
Publication Date: October 18th, 2017
Pages: 294
Language: English