Accounting Information Systems: Controls and Processes (Paperback)

Accounting Information Systems: Controls and Processes By Leslie Turner, Andrea B. Weickgenannt, Mary Kay Copeland Cover Image


In the newly revised fifth edition of Accounting Information Systems: Controls and Processes, a dedicated team of accounting professionals delivers an authoritative and comprehensive treatment of accounting information systems and internal accounting controls. You'll explore business accounting processes and related controls, as well as the ethics and corporate governance issues related to them.

The authors, drawing on decades of combined experience studying and participating in the accounting industry, offer readers an appreciation for internal controls while maintaining an easy-to-follow style that doesn't inundate students with technological and technical information. You'll find data flow diagrams and document flow charts, as well as process maps, that explain and highlight business processes used in real-world companies.

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ISBN: 9781119989486
ISBN-10: 1119989485
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: December 20th, 2022
Pages: 608
Language: English