Get Organized, Stay Organized (Paperback)

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Is your world stuffed with clutter? Discover a simple method to get organized and take back your life

Overwhelmed by the constant pile of stuff that's turned your every day into total chaos? Do you dream of getting organized but you have no idea where to start?

Author and organizing coach Christine D. Shuck has over a decade of experience working with clients to accomplish their organizational goals. Now she'll teach you her step-by-step method to go from mess to success.

Get Organized, Stay Organized is your essential guide to re-ordering your life. Inside, you'll learn how to break your tasks down to manageable chunks to clean up the chaos and keep it tidy for good. By going room-by-room, Shuck's perfectly organized guidebook provides the process you need to get the properly-placed life you deserve.

In Get Organized, Stay Organized, you'll discover:

  • Guided actions to help you attack your clutter and create a home you'll be proud of
  • The true source of clutter and how to let it go and ease your mind
  • How to break down large jobs into manageable tasks to make cleaning stress-free
  • Strategies for tackling every room in your house to spread harmony throughout your space
  • Case studies to guide you through your own process, and much, much more

Get Organized, Stay Organized is the perfect tool to take your clutter down to zero. If you like easy-to-understand instructions, down-to-earth writing, and inspirational advice, then you'll love Christine D. Shuck's life-altering book.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781386139300
ISBN-10: 1386139300
Publisher: Christine D. Shuck
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English