Prophet Stories for Kids (Paperback)

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Explore Revolutionary Stories of Prophets & Let your child experience the good Islamic bedtime story which builds their foundation to basic concepts of Islam and being a devoted Muslim.

This Story Book encompasses the life of the Prophets with thought-provoking facts from the beginning and the struggles in their journey to spread the message of Allah (subhanhu wa ta'aa'la).

Your Children will get to know how the Humanity started on Earth by the descending of Prophet Adam (A.S) from the Heavens, the great Floods in the era of Nuh (A.S), the great Kingdom of Suleman (A.S), the revolution of Arabs by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and much more throughout the history.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781386550327
ISBN-10: 1386550329
Publisher: Draft2digital
Publication Date: April 6th, 2020
Pages: 172
Language: English