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The Ultimate Guide To Handicapping The Horses: From A Horseman And A Gambler (Revised) (Paperback)

The Ultimate Guide To Handicapping The Horses: From A Horseman And A Gambler (Revised) By Joseph J. Tuttle Cover Image
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Recently revised from the Mid-February edition as of 11/01/08. I've made a very concerted effort to try and incorporate as much pertinent horsemanship knowledge into the chapters; as a way to better serve the novice; average, or below average horseplayer. I truly believe that after reading this book, you will immediately come away with a better sense of yourself (as a horseplayer), and will soon realize where exactly it is you want to be as a horseplayer. Or, you might have a wonderful epiphany and realize that maybe you too can become a more successful horseplayer. Maybe, a "professional" I must admit that if you're taking yourself at all seriously, you are also going to need my newest horse handicapping book... "The Tuttle Way" or "The Tuttle Way II". are a bit more advanced, and it can only help further your development as a Horseplayer.

About the Author

Hello, my name (real name) is Joseph J Tuttle. I've always loved the idea of pseudonyms, and I employ them as "odes" to friends & relatives. I'm the proud author of 23 horse and/or sports handicapping books. DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT a professional writer! I have been a professional handicapper for over 15 years. I would strongly suggest that you utilize the "Look Inside" feature, or view my writing style @ http: //tuttlerules.com, that is my official blog site. My teachings work, and I'm only trying to help others learn how to Win!
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ISBN: 9781440454561
ISBN-10: 1440454566
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 10th, 2010
Pages: 120
Language: English