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The Puppet Maker's Bones (Paperback)

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Loneliness can drive a man to madness, but Pavel Trusnik is not a normal man. After committing a crime that leaves him shunned and isolated, he has only the fading memories of his tragically flawed life, and his one great love. When a violent sociopath sets his murderous desires upon the elderly shut-in, only an ancient order that knows Pavel's secrets can come to his aid. But for Pavel, the vicious intruder is the only company he has had in decades...

About the Author

Alisa Tangredi is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently resides in the San Fernando Valley in Van Nuys with her husband and their dog. She has written all her life, though most things went into hiding in a drawer. She studied theatre and music at San Francisco State University and worked as a stage actress for 30 years, with sporadic employment in commercials and television. She has been an active participant in several Los Angeles based theatre companies and continues to support live theatre and dance throughout the L.A. area. She's written a couple novels, a novella, and some plays. She has a love for madness in literature and theatre and likes to explore it in different ways in all her writing. When not exploring different forms of insanity, she likes to garden, eat fine cheese, and drink coffee in large quantities. For more information, please visit her Facebook page at https: //www.facebook.com/writer.alisa.tangredi or Twitter @AlisaTangred
Product Details
ISBN: 9781475148695
ISBN-10: 1475148690
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 4th, 2012
Pages: 266
Language: English