Mirror Appointment Setting: How to Go Beyond Blitzing to Building Long-Term B2B Prospect Relationships Step-by Step (Paperback)

Mirror Appointment Setting: How to Go Beyond Blitzing to Building Long-Term B2B Prospect Relationships Step-by Step By Aren Benoit Cover Image
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APPOINTMENT SETTERS How Successful Are You In Filling Those Appointments?

This book shows you HOW TO fill those B2B Appointments Step-By-Step in a very simple, yet powerful and easy to understand format.

"Best book I have seen on this topic in 25 years" - Myles Urquhart, Director, Ness Consulting Pty Ltd.

Every sales team dreams of filling all of their appointments. And isn't it fun to project sales for all of those potential appointments and dream "What if? " But then reality sinks in. How do you get those appointments filled with qualified prospects? The never-ending challenge of sales is how to get in the door.

Here's just a bit of what's been covered in "Mirror Appointment Setting"
  • Quick Start Guide: In a hurry to get started? Just read the Quick Start Guide and dive right in.
  • Mirror Marketer Hiring Managers -- this section is for you Some of the topics covered:
    • Mirror Marketer Hiring Process
    • Qualitative Scenario Survey and more...
  • Mirror Marketer Training this is the "meat & potatoes" of this book. Includes:
    • Email templates
    • Phone scripts for:
      • Qualifying a lead
      • Decision Maker
      • Receptionist
      • Appointment Setting
    • Handling objections
    • Email Marketing
  • Status ID Ladder Game (yes, let's play a game and have fun )
  • ... A "Screen Play" of "A Day in The Life of a Mirror Marketer". Here, you get to step into the Appointment Setter's shoes and experience Mirror Appointment Setting moment-by-moment.
And much more...

Techniques in this book are for those businesses striving to create & sustain a highly successful business over the long-haul, standing on a foundation of carefully & thoughtfully-constructed, reflective business relationships.

This book is speaking directly to those of you who are tasked with setting business-to-business appointments for a salesperson or sales team and for those managing them.

More comments from past Amzon customers:

"This book has a professional, non combative approach to appointment setting and prospecting that presents total common sense." - Myles Urquhart

"I believe this liberating, insightful and educational book has arrived just on time on the sales and appointment setting scene." - O.A.OGUNTIMEHIN

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About the Author

Aren Benoit's Mirror Business Strategies(R) were developed over 30+ years as a successful business development specialist in a wide array of industries. Aren has a B.S. in journalism, with a concentration in marketing communications, and PhD studies in social psychology from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Aren was inspired to write the first book, Mirror Appointment Setting, after being hired to troubleshoot business-to-business appointment setting programs, and realizing the majority of the issues encountered were completely avoidable. Great marketers were fired -- and their talents wasted -- merely due to a lack of fresh, scrubbed contact lists and proper CRM (Contact Relationship Management) training. It was also time to finally share in writing Aren's Mirror Approach to business, which has consistently resulted in accelerated success. Watch for Aren's whole Mirror Business Strategies(R) series coming soon. Website: http: //aren-benoit.eliyora.com/ Twitter: https: //twitter.com/ArenBenoit LinkedIn: http: //www.linkedin.com/in/arenbenoit **
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ISBN: 9781492117865
ISBN-10: 1492117862
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 14th, 2013
Pages: 136
Language: English