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God's Storehouse Principle (Paperback)

God's Storehouse Principle By Sheila Holm Cover Image
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2016 - 2nd printing - God's Storehouse Principle. Foreword by Bishop George Dallas McKinney. Sheila Holm has produced a concise statement on God's seeding and harvesting "Kingdom Business" principle - a tithe of all - as God's master plan for stewardship, while she shares how she discovered God's Storehouse Principle. Sheila's journey of faith begins with the recognition that "we are totally and absolutely dependent upon God" and that God has predestined our lives for his purpose and provided a plan for us, which supports his work. Armed with this knowledge and faith, Sheila becomes a yielded vessel to be God's ambassador to encourage Christians, especially pastors, throughout the US, Africa, Australia and Europe. Without sponsors or any visible means of support, she has traveled the world sustained by the faithfulness of God. God's Storehouse Principle confirms God's wisdom and plan within the testimony, "God supplies all that we are and all that we need and He requests that we bring tithes of all that He gives us..." based on the truth ..".the Earth is the Lords and the Fullness thereof," Psalms 24:1-2, I Corinthians 10:26 and 28. Since God is the owner of everything He has the right to establish the terms of stewardship imposed upon those entrusted with His property including all that we have been given: our life, time, treasure and talents. When God's Storehouse Principle is implemented, while we unite together, for each other, "All of God's work done God's way will not lack God's supply." God's Storehouse Principle is based upon God's plan that our blessings are to be shared so that the needs of others will be met, especially widows and orphans (all without husbands and fathers).I strongly recommend God's Storehouse Principle for it is a timely and urgent call for every Christian to do all of our business God's way.

About the Author

Many confirm she walks in the five-fold ministry. She does not use a title because God does the work while He sends her as an apostle and prophet. God orchestrates all arrangements for her to preach, teach, and evangelize. Invitations to preach resulted in this book: God's Storehouse Principle with Foreword by Bishop George Dallas McKinney. The secular version of the book is Balanced Life Game with Foreword by Ken Blanchard. When she preaches, God confirms that if churches will begin to shift from world based plans to God's plan by operating within God's Storehouse Principle, the church will be able to declare the church is blessed and then God's blessings will begin flow to / through people, families & communities. God has confirmed the scriptures again and again which confirm we are to be as wise as serpents yet gentle as doves. Sheila often admits the enemy has provided many opportunities for God's deeper training and her expanded growth. God has arranged for multiple interviews on TBN's Praise the Lord. The Balanced Life Game concept which is provided within God's Storehouse Principle has been featured and quoted on MSNBC, KCBS, CNN Industry Watch, and in Inc Magazine and The Business Cube. Her published book: Seven Step Business Plan has garnered international recognition. The book became a key part of the Buckminster Fuller Business School for Entrepreneurs program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shenzhen, China. In addition, the European Union Chamber of Commerce requires her book within their core curriculum. The book has been translated into the Spanish Language and published in a Latin America edition. God's Storehouse Principle and the secular version, Balanced Life Game, includes her popular Keynote Conference topic: Networking Through Six Degrees of Separation. Balanced Life Game and Vulnerable: The Identity Factor books are currently in negotiation with Pelican, the same publisher as Seven Step Business Plan.
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ISBN: 9781495948541
ISBN-10: 1495948544
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 29th, 2014
Pages: 226
Language: English