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How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Scammed (Paperback)


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Have You Thought about Investing in Gold or Silver, but Don't Know Where to Start? A search on Google or Amazon will find many books and information devoted to: Why you should invest in Gold and Silver? Different ways to invest in Gold and Silver like bullion, commodities or stocks. What the Insider secrets are to buying Gold and Silver. How to make money on Gold and Silver. This is all necessary and good information, but not what you will discover inHow to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion without Getting Scammed. Instead this book focuses on: How to Buy Bullion without Getting ScammedDiscover and Learn: How to Spot Fake Gold and Silver Bullion How to Tell if You're Getting Conned The Tools and Tests You Need to Avoid Fakes What Scammers Do and Say to Cheat You? 13 Ways to Prevent Getting Taken The Pros and Cons of Bullion Investments How to Get Your Money Back if You're Conned The Pros and Cons of Storage Options ALSO INCLUDES: resources, glossary, weights and measures, and an about author section Now ask yourself, How Well Your Investment Will Turn Out if You Buy a Fake? At current bullion prices, any profits could disappear. And this doesn't include wasted time, hassle, and embarrassment of dealing with crooks and the police to get your money back. Having this book's information is a small price to pay to help ensure you are getting the gold or silver your investing in. This is the main step to ensure your investment has the best chance of working out. Now Why Should You Believe Me and Buy this Book? The main reason is I have over thirty years of sales and investment marketing. In this time I have meet plenty of buyers and sellers of financial investments, some honest and pleasant to deal with, some charming, but not so honest. As a result I have seen, heard, and experienced almost every trick that a cheat, con or scammer uses to steal people's trust and hard earned money including mine. So this isn't the phony, buy this stuff now and you will be a millionaire in 5 minutes advice. This information comes from dealing with and suffering burns from society's cheats and con artists who are too lazy and greedy to make an honest living. Added to this experience are the methods bullion scammers use to create fake bullion and what you can do to spot it. I hope you not only buy one of the books that explains the how and why of bullion investing, but also this book to ensure your bullion has a chance of making a profit. I Hope You Won't Think, That This Won't Happen to Me This is because according to current estimates more than 30 million people in the United States fall victim to some form of financial fraud. The estimated cost is a staggering $50 billion yearly and rising. The real cost is much higher because most victims don't report their losses due to embarrassment and shame. So let's make it harder for scammers to take your hard earned money and trust from not only you, but also from your family and friends who I hope you will share this information with. Are you ready to Learn How to Buy Silver and Gold Bullion Without Getting Scammed?If you are scroll up and grab your copy today of Al Craig's Book, How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Scammed

About the Author

Al Craig is an independent businessman who has spent most of his life involved in one business venture or another. Business experience includes: lock security installation and sales, advertising sales, commercial real estate sales, mortgage financing, insurance sales, business sales, tax shelter and limited partnership sales. Limited Partnership Sales include: agricultural, aviation services, food and beverage, film, insurance, mining, real estate, oil and gas, soft ware, high tech products, and research. Investment experience includes: bullion investing, coin collecting, commodities, futures, limited partnerships, tax shelters, stocks, stock trading, and real estate. In short Al Craig has a lot of experience with a lot of different investments, businesses and lots of different buyers and sellers-both good, very good, bad and really bad. It is from these varied experiences that the author has learned to spot the con artists and cheats that proliferate amongst us, taking our trust and hard earned money. Al Craig knows firsthand what it feels like to be taken by these societal rats. He has felt the pain, embarrassment, and anger that results from giving your trust to someone who abuses it. These experiences have led him on a quest to inform others of what to watch out for to avoid becoming someone's next meal ticket. To hone his experience he has also read and studied countless books on how scammers operate and what causes them to do what they do. It is Al's hope that you will learn from his experience, knowledge, and pain to avoid becoming one more casualty in the bullion investment arena of life. It is also his hope that by using the book's information you can do your part in putting out of business or work all the scammers that take your trust and money as well as your families' and children's future trust and money. Thank you for taking the time to help prevent this from happening to you and those you love in the area of bullion investing. Here's to successful bullion buying without getting scammed.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781499173482
ISBN-10: 1499173482
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 13th, 2014
Pages: 130
Language: English