A Silver Bullet for Roe v. Wade-Revised (Paperback)

A Silver Bullet for Roe v. Wade-Revised By Philip Rafferty Cover Image
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If Roe v Wade is knocked upside down, then its opposite central ruling becomes binding constitutional law: the human fetus becomes a constitutionally recognized due process clause person. Rafferty's silver-bullet booklet gives birth to fetal personhood. The contents of the booklet accomplish the seemingly irrefutable legal history, constitutional interpretation, and logic, and the booklet's front and back covers illustrate through graphic art. Knocking down Roe v Wade does no more than returning to the several states of the USA the constitutionally recognized authority either to allow or outlaw procured abortion, whereas knocking Roe v Wade upside down constitutionally compels every such state to (1) outlaw procured abortion and (2) employ all reasonably available governmental means for safeguarding the child-person living in the womb of his or her mother.

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ISBN: 9781514481271
ISBN-10: 1514481278
Publisher: Xlibris
Publication Date: April 7th, 2016
Pages: 48
Language: English