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The Eve Project Book One (Paperback)

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'The Eve Project' is a character driven science-fiction series, with Book One: 'Cause and Effects' standing as the introduction to the vibrant galaxy full of dynamic, complicated individuals caught up in the midst of a Civil War between the Crowned Royal and True Sovereignty forces as both factions vie for the throne at the heart of humanity. Shadow Team - an elite special forces unit - is deployed behind True Sovereign lines to stop the completion of a terrifying new bioweapon, a weapon that - if released - could break the holdings of the Crowned Royals, and cement the iron fisted dominion of their greatest enemy. Ideologies and loyalties will be tested as pirates, mercenaries and the full might of the True Sovereignty stand against Shadow Team, and it will fall to their captain, Seth Corbett, to see his soldiers through their most difficult mission yet.
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ISBN: 9781520890197
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2017