The Beautiful Flagellants of Chicago (Paperback)

The Beautiful Flagellants of Chicago By Locus Elm Press (Editor), Lord Drialys (Pseudonym) Cover Image
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British peer of the realm Lord Drialys, eager to learn if his transatlantic cousins practice the sweeping art of rod and birch and all manner of lasciviousness that flows therefrom, embarks on a grand tour of three of the USA's most famous cities.

Using his wealth and rakish charms he manages to familiarise himself with the whims and fancies of the flagellation loving belles of each city, savouring the singular pleasures a chastised posterior presents. Drialys spanks, birches, whips, and rods his way through a multitude of underground clubs, secret societies, and 'massage institutes', and a gaggle of wealthy ladies, d butantes, and dominatrices, confirming his strong suspicion that Americans are just as decadent and debauched as the British.

Volume I, set in Chicago, describes our main protagonist as the recipient of several extremely unrestrained whipping sessions. Under the lash Lord Drialys will experience the most profound of sexual awakenings. This graphically written once-banned classic will make a fine addition to any collection of Victorian erotica and S&M literature. Volumes II and III, set in Boston and New York, are also available from Locus Elm Press. Swish

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ISBN: 9781523805341
ISBN-10: 152380534X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 31st, 2016
Pages: 96
Language: English