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The Laws & Customs of Rosh Chodesh (Paperback)

The Laws & Customs of Rosh Chodesh By Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein Cover Image
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The study of Shulchan Aruch at times is very challenging in terms of clarifying the final stance of the learned subject. This especially applies in instances that many cases and opinions exist within a given topic. In addition, throughout the generations hundreds of practical questions on the laws in Shulchan Aruch arose. Getting a proper grasp on the laws of Rosh Chodesh especially faces this challenge due to the customs that came in later generations. Even amongst the currently available English literature, the opinion of the greatest of the Achronim, the Shulchan Aruch Harav, is many times omitted or not given its proper presence. Likewise the Chabad custom related to Rosh Chodesh are not given their proper presence. This Sefer tackles all the above deficiencies. A clear summary of the rulings of the Shulchan Aruch based on the rulings of the Mishneh Berurah and Kaf Hachaim with an emphasis of relevant rulings from the Shulchan Aruch Harav and Chabad custom. This is accompanied with hundreds of practical Q&A that were compiled from classical Halachic sources. All this is compiled with informative footnotes that lend the reader background information and other opinions voiced on the subject matter.

About the Author

Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein is a noted college instructor in Judaic studies, which he teaches to several hundred students from all spectrums of Jewry. He is also the director of Shulchanaruchharav.com, the world's leading web-based Halacha database, and is the director of the Home Study Semicha Program. Rabbi Goldstein received Semicha from Rabbi Schneur Zalman Labkowski of the Tomchei Temimim headquarters in 2005 and served as a chaplain in the Lotar/Kalatz and K9 units of the IDF from the years 2005-2008. There, he dealt with various Halachic issues relating to soldiers in his unit. Since then he has become a certified Shochet, and teaches classes in Halacha and Chassidus in the Jerusalem area. Rabbi Goldstein currently lives with his wife Shayna and nine children in Beitar Illit, Israel, where he serves through his classes to spread the knowledge of Nigleh and Chassidus to the Chareidi public. The following is a list of other subjects currently available in print: 1.The Chassidishe Parsha-Torah Or-Likkutei Torah [available on Amazon.com] 2.Awaking like a Jew [available on Amazon.com] a.Awaking like a Jew-Workbook [available on Amazon.com] 3.A Semicha Aid for Learning the Laws of Shabbos Vol. 1 [available on Amazon.com] 4.A Semicha Aid for Learning the Laws of Shabbos Vol. 2 [available on Amazon.com] 5.The Laws of Shabbos Volume 3 [available on Amazon.com] 6.The Laws and Customs of Erev Shabbos and Motzei Shabbos [available on Amazon.com] a.The laws of Shabbos-Workbook [available on Amazon.com] 7.A Semicha aid for learning the laws of Basar Bechalav [available on Amazon.com] a.Basar Bechalav-Workbook [available on Amazon.com] 8.A Semicha aid for learning the laws of Taaruvos [available on Amazon.com] a.Taaruvos-Workbook [available on Amazon.com] 9.A Semicha aid for learning the laws of Melicha [available on Amazon.com] a.Melicha-Workbook [available on Amazon.com] 10.The Laws of Rosh Hashanah [available on Amazon.com] 11.The Laws of Purim [available on Amazon.com] 12.The Laws of Tzitzis [available on Amazon.com] Subscription: To subscribe to our website's mailing list, please contact rabbi@shulchanaruchharav.com The subscription is free and includes a weekly Mamar in English from Torah Or/Likkutei Torah, a daily Halacha, and updates on Halachic sections as they become available on the web and in print.
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ISBN: 9781533040602
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Publication Date: May 1st, 2016
Pages: 202
Language: English