The Abduction of Edith Martin (Paperback)

The Abduction of Edith Martin By Locus Elm Press (Editor), Anonymous Cover Image
By Locus Elm Press (Editor), Anonymous
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"You do.... the most.... unspeakable things, Joe Calhoun.... " breathed Edith.

"I haven't done a thing," he disclaimed. "I've been eating sanely and righteously.... and wondered why you twittered and frivolled away a good meal...."

Once again.... accustomed now to maltreatment.... he took, without flinching, a bit of bread in his cheek.

"Joe.... I'm so hungry now...." she pouted charmingly. "And he's carried away all the relishes...."

"You've had a better appetizer," he remarked. "And Percy had to have some excuse to hurry out and kiss his own happy lips in a mirror.... I'll bet he's trying to lick his own tongue Was he.... was it so very nice then, darling....? Was it better than with Cynthia....?"

When Joseph Calhoun comes across an image of his cousin's delectable and nubile wife, the "Colonel" has grand designs on spiriting her away in order to indoctrinate in all those forbidden deeds and desires he thinks her wantonly capable of. With the help of servants, a shocked waiter, and many another accomplice, Joseph will subject Edith to every one of his lascivious whims. Will she resist and stay faithful to her husband? Or will she willingly give herself over to total orgiastic abandon.

This sumptuously graphic homage to the Victorian erotica that came before, brims with a sexual energy of one curious to know all there is to know about desire and pliable to persuasion enough to learn. Locus Elm Press proudly presents this anonymously written gem of 1930's once-forbidden literature. Enjoy.

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ISBN: 9781535450102
ISBN-10: 153545010X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2016
Pages: 126
Language: English