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We Wake with Noah: A Father's Open Letter to His Child (Paperback)

We Wake with Noah: A Father's Open Letter to His Child Cover Image
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This book is a gift from a father to his child, with a dream to see his child and his fellow beings become successfully happy.

All the "thoughts" in this set of letters, have ONE intention - to help you understand "Yourself" and to guide you to live an inspirational life. The road to life is seldom a smooth one - it is dotted with potholes, speed bumps, detours, and slippery turns. While traveling such thoroughfare, it is easy to lose your way you need not despair. Turn the pages, they are elixir for soul and will be guidepost as you make your way through life.

The overall goal of this book is simple: I want to add value to your life by helping you to understand the basic alphabets that can lead to a happy life. As you grow, you will learn that A is for apple, B is for book, and so forth. With this set of letters, I want you to learn a parallel alphabet of happiness. As a father I want to give you and your fellow beings "alphabets." Both inspiring and practical, this set of letters, is for anyone who wants to explore, experiment, engage, experience life, and lead an Inspirational life. This book if for those who want to create and live in a society where they positively inspire each other and stay inspired. This book is for "YOU." In this book you will do the following:

  • Discover the power of attitude and how it leads to peace and happiness. Dive into the importance of a positive attitude, the essential element for living a successful, happy life.
  • Explore personal branding as the essence for living a purposeful, meaningful, and conscious life. Personal branding is where you meet with you purpose, your values, and vision and align yourself with freedom and happiness.
  • Experiment with the principles of communication and engage the law of communication in your life. Learn to use the power of effective communication by inspiring others as a compassionate listener.
  • Practice detachment and experience empathic compassion while finding solace with equanimity.
  • Inspire and stay-inspired and live a life with freedom.

About the Author

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Vivek Acharya is an IT professional and works for Oracle Corporation, in the United States. He is based in Dallas, Texas. Professionally he has been in the world of design, consulting, and architecture for IT-based solutions. He is the author of a few other books: BPM Developers Cookbook, BPM Pattern, and TCP/IP Protocol. Recently promoted to being a father, he loves to spend time with his son, Noah. He has interest in playing the synthesizer and loves traveling. Visit him and Explorify with him @ https: //www.facebook.com/WeWakeWithNoah/.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781541194519
ISBN-10: 1541194519
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 20th, 2017
Pages: 180
Language: English