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Workouts and Maidens (Paperback)

Workouts and Maidens By Vincent Reo Cover Image


In certain races, the winner stands out like a sore thumb, but you have to know where to look and how to apply what you find. Vincent Reo unlocks the secrets behind two frequently overlooked profit centres: Workouts and Maidens. Do you know how to compare 'breezing' workouts with horses that work 'handily'? Do you know the tracks that play games with workout reports and those on the level? Can you tell a legitimate workout from a non-legitimate workout? Do you pay attention to shippers -- horses that work at one track and run at another? Do you know which trainers you should bet with first-time starters and which to avoid? The answers to these questions will put money into your pocket -- and Reo supplies them. This book will pay for itself a thousandfold.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781566250009
ISBN-10: 1566250005
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication Date: November 17th, 2003
Pages: 165
Language: English