Playing Blackjack to Win: A New Strategy for the Game of 21 (Paperback)

Playing Blackjack to Win: A New Strategy for the Game of 21 By Roger Baldwin, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel, James McDermott Cover Image


This new edition of the rarest and most influential blackjack book in the history of the game brings together the most famous contributors in the game. Privately published in 1957 in an extremely limited quantity, this was the first book ever to print the correct winning strategies for the game of blackjack. This instant collector’s item includes a foreword by blackjack legend Edward O. Thorp, whose best-selling classic, Beat the Dealer (which relied on the original Playing Blackjack to Win), changed the public’s perception of 21 forever, plus an introduction and additional material from Arnold Snyder (Blackbelt in Blackjack, Big Book of Blackjack), along with new material from the authors.  


About the Author

The authors, known in blackjack as the “four horsemen,” were stationed in the army’s Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland when they published this work in 1957, completing, at the time, the most extensive mathematical analysis of blackjack ever. (This was pre-computer.)

Arnold Snyder, author of ten books, including Blackbelt in Blackjack and the Big Book of Blackjack, is the world’s foremost blackjack authority. He is one of the seven charter members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Edward O’ Thorp, who’s contributing the foreword, is the author of the famous classic, Beat the Dealer.
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ISBN: 9781580422512
ISBN-10: 1580422519
Publisher: Cardoza
Publication Date: November 25th, 2008
Pages: 160
Language: English