The Digital & Direct Marketing Goose: 16 Tips and Real Examples That Will Help You Lay More Golden Eggs (Paperback)

The Digital & Direct Marketing Goose: 16 Tips and Real Examples That Will Help You Lay More Golden Eggs By German Sacristan Cover Image
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A successful direct marketing campaign running on digital media is every marketer's dream. And yet, in all the obsession and hype surrounding digital media, few people realize that media alone cannot sell products and services. This wisdom rang true in the days when newspapers and magazines first rolled of the presses, and it remains just as true today. Digital media is only a vehicle--but it cannot guarantee success by itself. It is all about the strategy that will help you say the right thing to the right person at the right time in the right place and the right way.

Digital and Direct Marketing Expert German Sacristan has stepped in to help marketers in this age of digital media. He has succeeded where many have failed by writing a simple, functional, easy to reference book that will help you build a very powerful marketing communication methodical process to increase your chances of a better ROMI, or return on market investment. German knows that most marketing campaigns fail because the fundamentals are just not given the attention they deserve. In his book, he reiterates the fundamentals of marketing, sales and communication and lucidly shows how they apply in the world of digital media.

In our era of marketing mumbo jumbo with expectations of instant success, German's sincerity is refreshing. He warns his readers that they will not find any marketing magic wands or crystal balls in his book. Instead they will find page after page of very relevant tips including a proven and methodical process with plenty of real examples to help readers build the right methodical process that will increase their chances of more and better sales. In German's words, "Yes, the market is different, but the basics of marketing are still the same." Now, more than ever, we need better strategies to get the most out of the new digital media and the methodical process and ingredients discussed in this book will help you do just that. Digital and Direct Marketing Goose will help you remember all the fundamentals while showing you how to deploy the most relevant tools and media in the modern marketplace.

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Publication Date: October 6th, 2012
Pages: 186
Language: English