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Functional Programming in Kotlin (Paperback)

Functional Programming in Kotlin By Marco Vermeulen, Rúnar Bjarnason , Paul Chiusano  Cover Image
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Master techniques and concepts of functional programming to deliver safer, simpler, and more effective Kotlin code.

In Functional Programming in Kotlin you will learn:

    Functional programming techniques for real-world applications
    Write combinator libraries
    Common structures and idioms in functional design
    Simplicity and modularity (and fewer bugs!)

Functional Programming in Kotlin is a reworked version of the bestselling Functional Programming in Scala, with all code samples, instructions, and exercises translated into the powerful Kotlin language. In this authoritative guide, you’ll take on the challenge of learning functional programming from first principles. Complex concepts are demonstrated through exercises that you’ll love to test yourself against. You’ll start writing Kotlin code that’s easier to read, easier to reuse, better for concurrency, and less prone to bugs and errors.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the technology
Improve performance, increase maintainability, and eliminate bugs! How? By programming the functional way. Kotlin provides strong support for functional programming, taking a pragmatic approach that integrates well with OO codebases. By applying the techniques you’ll learn in this book, your code will be safer, less prone to errors, and much easier to read and reuse.

About the book
Functional Programming in Kotlin teaches you how to design and write Kotlin applications using typed functional programming. Offering clear examples, carefully-presented explanations, and extensive exercises, it moves from basic subjects like types and data structures to advanced topics such as stream processing. This book is based on the bestseller Functional Programming in Scala by Rúnar Bjarnason and Paul Chiusano.

What's inside

    Functional programming techniques for real-world situations
    Common structures and idioms in functional design
    Simplicity, modularity, and fewer bugs!

About the reader
For Kotlin developers. No functional programming experience required.

About the author
Marco Vermeulen has two decades of programming experience on the JVM.

Rúnar Bjarnason and Paul Chiusano are the authors of Functional Programming in Scala.

Tabel of Contents

1 What is functional programming?
2 Getting started with functional programming in Kotlin
3 Functional data structures
4 Handling errors without exceptions
5 Strictness and laziness
6 Purely functional state
7 Purely functional parallelism
8 Property-based testing
9 Parser combinators
10 Monoids
11 Monads and functors
12 Applicative and traversable functors
13 External effects and I/O
14 Local effects and mutable state
15 Stream processing and incremental I/O

About the Author

Rúnar Bjarnason and Paul Chiusano are the authors of Functional Programming in Scala, on which this book is based. They are internationally-recognized experts in functional programming and the Scala programming language.

Paul Chiusano has been writing and shipping functional code in Scala since 2008 and is responsible for the introduction and growth of Scala usage at his company, Capital IQ. As part of this effort he co-designed a functional programming curriculum and taught an internal course for coworkers interested in learning FP. Paul is also a regular blogger and speaker on functional programming and Scala.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781617297168
ISBN-10: 161729716X
Publisher: Manning
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 504
Language: English