Photography Demystified - For Kids!: A Kid's Guide and Parents Resource to Fun and Learning Photography Together (Paperback)

Photography Demystified - For Kids!: A Kid's Guide and Parents Resource to Fun and Learning Photography Together By David McKay Cover Image
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Photography Demystified--FOR KIDS A Kid's Guide and Parent's Resource to Fun and Learning Photography Together, the fourth in the Photography Demystified series, is specifically designed for parents to read and follow with their children to create a fun-filled bond and hobby within the family. Many of the projects can be done even with the simplest of cameras, including those in smartphones.

This book is also very much for pre-teen and teenagers to be able to work with on their own, when needed, AND with their parents, so everyone can enjoy their time together

This is a photography book that children of all ages and parents alike will learn from. Photography Demystified--FOR KIDS caters to younger children working with their parents in the simpler projects, but mostly to children in upper elementary school (ages 8-10), pre-teens (ages 11-12), and early teens (ages 13-14). But don't be fooled--this book will ALSO help the adult learn photography too

Because this book is meant for children and their parents to explore and learn photography together, through a child's eyes, I've formatted it differently than the previous books in the Photography Demystified series. In this book, you'll find over 50 photography projects and step-by-step instructions on how to do them, as well as photographic visuals.

Most photography books are not appropriate for children because they concentrate on technical information to such an extent that children's "joy" and "wonder" of depicting the world through photographs get lost in all the "photo jargon" of shutter speeds and F-stops. So, that's not what you'll find in this book.

My philosophy is that children need the freedom to be able to "see" and "share" how they see, and their wonder of it all should be acknowledged in a safe and non-critical way, first and foremost.

THEN, upon that foundation, other aspects, including some of the technical aspects, can be brought in to enhance their experience and increase their knowledge. We MUST not put our filters on them The first rule is to help them develop a love for "seeing" through photographs.

This book is written for parents to experience with their children, according to HOW THEIR CHILDREN SEE THE WORLD. Because of this, many of the projects in the book can be done with the simplest of cameras. This is very purposeful.

This is NOT a book to guide parents on how take over, critique, and dominate what their child learns and sees along the way. I have written this book with a very clear purpose--rather than the parent dictating how the child should see the world, the child shares with the parent how they see the world, and in doing so, the parent will be lost for moments in their child's wonder and innocence so that the parent too will see "like a child." You will see through a child's eyes

My hope is that your children will fall in love with "seeing" through the means of photography, and you, as a parent, will see through your children's eyes. In doing so, it will give you a bond so that together you experience wonder, joy, and creation, all in expectation that this experience will provide a precious, lifelong memory that is captured forever through the photos you take.

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ISBN: 9781640077409
ISBN-10: 1640077405
Publisher: McKay Photography Inc
Publication Date: April 18th, 2017
Pages: 174
Language: English
Series: Photography Demystified