Dreams of Hidden Forest (Paperback)

Dreams of Hidden Forest By Ronald R. Strahl Cover Image
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"Dreams of Hidden Forest" is an engaging, light hearted story about a year in the lives of two partners who share a love of the out of doors. They purchase what they believe to be prime hunting land, only to discover that their property contains much more than hunting opportunities. The excitement of stalking wild game quickly pales in favor of emersion in the many mysteries that surround them. From clues about a buried treasure to heartwarming encounters with other species, they find themselves becoming a part of the forest and the harmony it represents.
Just when they think they are beginning to understand their function in the harmony of the wild, they are approached by a wise spirit that inhabits the forest. The spirit offers them answers for their nagging questions and teaches them what it takes to possess wisdom. When they agree to accept wisdom, their lives are changed forever. The spirit finally teaches them that humankind's greatest treasure is to have a satisfied mind, and it sets about teaching them how to claim ultimate satisfaction.
The partners pursue an understanding of the uncomplicated nature of the wild, and in the process reconnect with their own higher nature. A bear and her cubs befriend the partners and through a series of innocent misadventures they learn how important it is for humans and animals to respectfully coexist.

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ISBN: 9781640795716
ISBN-10: 1640795715
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: July 6th, 2017
Pages: 544
Language: English