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Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self: Interpreting Messages from Your Future (Paperback)


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Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self: Interpreting Messages from Your Future Cover Image
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A guide to dream precognition and its implications

• Outlines a set of clear principles to help guide dreamworkers, illustrated through real precognitive dream experiences

• Shows how to detect precognitive dreams through their characteristic features, explaining how dreams relate to memory and why dreams about future experiences are often symbolic or distorted

• Explores the mind-blowing implications of precognition for our lives, including how our present thoughts actually shape--or shaped--our past

Once only the stuff of science fiction, evidence has grown that precognition--glimpses of your future in dreams and visions and being influenced subtly in waking life by what is to come--is real. Your future thoughts and feelings shape who you are now. And your present thoughts and feelings shape--or shaped--your past.

In this accessible exploration of precognition, precognitive dreamwork, and a radically new biographical sensibility, the Long Self, that precognition awakens us to, Eric Wargo shows how dreamworkers can play the role of citizen scientists, adding to our understanding of this fascinating, almost unexplored dimension of human life. Wargo outlines a set of clear principles to guide dreamworkers, each illustrated through real dreamers’ experiences. Drawing on psychoanalysis and contemporary sleep science, he explores how precognition relates to memory, explaining why dreams of future experiences are often distorted and what those distortions probably mean. He discusses never-before-described dream features, including “time gimmicks” (symbols hinting at time distortion) and “calendrical resonance” (the tendency of dreams to foretell experiences exactly a year or years later). He describes why an understanding of precognition augments Jung’s theory of synchronicity by highlighting our own role in producing meaningful coincidences in our waking lives. He also shows how precognition manifests in other states of consciousness like lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, trance states, sleep paralysis, meditation, and hypnagogia.

We are at a major turning point in science’s understanding of time, causality, and the self. We are more than who we think we are from moment to moment--we are our past, present, and future simultaneously. When we understand this, a dream journal becomes a personal time machine, with mind-blowing discoveries in store for the traveler.

About the Author

Eric Wargo has a Ph.D. in anthropology from Emory University and works as a professional science writer and editor in Washington, D.C. He is the author of the acclaimed book Time Loops. In his spare time, Wargo writes about science fiction, consciousness, and parapsychology at his popular blog, The Nightshirt.

Praise For…

“This book will change how you see the world. Eric Wargo’s theories on dreams, time travel, and the inner workings of the mind are truly daring--and grounded in logical thought and methodical research. His reanalysis of Freud is worth the price of admission alone. is is as mind-bending as it gets.”
— Yancey Strickler, author of is Could Be Our Future

“Eric Wargo takes us on an exciting journey of discovery into the interconnected web accessible by the time-traveling aspect of our subconscious. He weaves past, present, and future together with insights from ancient wisdom, visionary writers, discoveries in physics, and a variety of precognitive dreams. You will be inspired to dig deeper--to partner with your ‘Long Self ’ to gain insight on the past and respond to the future to enhance your journey through life. As an active time traveler, you are part of the evolution of consciousness and a global caring society.”
— Dale E. Graff, author of Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness

“Here is the book for which I have been waiting, a paranormal practice manual to recommend to readers who ask for one thing: a practice, a way to cultivate their own superhuman capacities and will them out of the Matrix of Depression that is our modern world. Integrating the best insights from ancient and medieval memory theater, Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams, J. W. Dunne’s Experiments with Time, and the contemporary neuroscience of memory, Wargo shows us how to become our own mutants, how to shape and make ourselves from the future along what he alternately calls the ‘tesseract brain’ or the ‘Long Self.’ His message is a fantastic one: You are not puny and insignificant. You are vast—a Time Lord, a sci-fi special effects master, a highly evolved cosmic being. Wake up! (and record your dreams). We need you. And we are in this, and out of this, together.”
— Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of Mutants and Mystics

“Eric Wargo is a new kind of intellectual whose refinement has emerged from his thoughtful response to the dogmatism that opposes new queries in science. Wargo’s profoundly exciting and thorough book on the question of dream precognition not only advances an important area of study but demonstrates the quality of intellectual dialogue that increasingly finds expression today within parapsychology. His writing and tone reawaken the reader to the excitement of radical and discerning inquiry.”
— Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America

“Eric Wargo takes a new and refreshing look into dreams and their meaning by investigating their relationship to time and precognition. This book conveys a clear and concise message that expands on the fact that dreams are much more than they seem, which is a valued consideration by any serious oneirologist.”
— Lee Adams, author of A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming

“Wargo’s thorough guide makes an intriguing argument for precognition that anyone can put to the test.”
— Publishers weekly

"A definite step into the quantum world of consciousness. I have often wondered if some of my dreams were warnings or simply clues about the future; after reading this book I have a much better and clear understanding of some of the deeper conscious levels I’ve experienced. One thing is for sure, we are not going to get any solutions that will solve our complex problems from the everyday level of awareness that most people have, and it no longer takes a genius to figure that out. It’s encouraging to read new information that is so vital in today’s world."
— Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide
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ISBN: 9781644112694
ISBN-10: 1644112698
Publisher: Inner Traditions
Publication Date: March 30th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English