Coding Concepts for Kids: Learn to Code Without a Computer (Paperback)

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Coding for kids without a computer—an offline skill-building book for ages 5 to 7

Coding helps kids develop analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and beyond! In this exciting guide to coding for kids, your child will discover the core concepts of coding through colorful games and activities—without using a computer.

These fun challenges can be done right inside the book or with everyday objects to help kids practice the same skills coders use, like writing clear instructions, recognizing patterns, and working efficiently. There's even a place for your beginner to invent their own codes!

This coding for kids book features:
  • Coding fundamentals—Practice algorithms, loops, conditionals, optimization, debugging, and variables with games that help kids think like a computer programmer.
  • Meet the coder crew—Explore coding for kids with a whole cast of characters, including Al the helper, Pixel the creative expert, Lo the problem-solver, Bug the pattern-spotter, and their robot dog Spot the Bot!
  • On and off the page—Sharpen skills with fun on-the-page puzzles and off-the-page activities that give kids a chance to practice in different ways.

Set your little ones up for success with coding for kids that only requires a pencil, paper, and their imagination.

About the Author

RANDY LYNN is the founder of Kids Code Mississippi. He loves teaching kids how to program computers and enjoys speaking to grown-ups about why computer science education is essential.

Praise For…

“Computational thinking skills are imperative for our youth as they prepare for their future in a digital economy. This book provides children with an engaging introduction to approaching problems and tasks computationally.” —Sarah Lee, PhD, Higher Ed Administrator and Advocate for Broadening Participation in Computing

“Just like all kids need to know math, all children should learn about computer science to be prepared for an ever-increasing technology-filled world. This book is an excellent introduction to foundational computing skills for young children. In addition to being fun and colorful, it also relates computing concepts through engaging, ‘unplugged’ (no computer needed) activities and puzzles to spark creativity, increase critical thinking, and strengthen problem-solving abilities, which are all valuable skills for computer science and life!” —Shelly Hollis, Assistant Director of Center for Cyber Education at Mississippi State University

“Coding is the new literacy. The sooner we get kids on board playing with logic, computational thinking, and coding concepts the better prepared they will be for an increasingly digital world. Randy has done a great job laying out fun, engaging activities for both teachers and parents to explore with young children.” —Julie Cwikla, Ph.D., Director of Creativity & Innovation in STEM at the University of Southern Mississippi and Best-Selling Author of Good to Great Grant Writing

“This book is an excellent resource for kids (and really any age group) to grasp the concepts of coding. Not only does it break down both the technical and strategic topics, but it's also interactive, diverse, and funny! I have enjoyed sharing this book with the little ones in my family as it gives them a glimpse into my world as a software developer engineer, acquired-tech startup CTO, and artificial intelligence scientist, in hopes that they too are inspired by and exposed to coding.” —Nashlie Sephus, PhD, Software Developer Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Scientist, and Founder and CEO of The Bean Path
Product Details
ISBN: 9781647392352
ISBN-10: 1647392357
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Pages: 86
Language: English