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I Am Perfect: I am who God say I am. (Paperback)

I Am Perfect: I am who God say I am. By Pastor Renee Drake Cover Image
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This book was written because for years I would hear many of those who are a part of the Christian family say no one is perfect but Jesus. However, upon me reading the bible I found out that to be farthest from the truth. We as believers must stand firm on the word of God. If he said it then it's true. I'd rather believe God. It is time for the Body of Christ to be who God say we are. I am Pastor Renee Drake. I am honored that God choose me to be the carrier of His word. I come from a family that was very dysfunctional as we all have in some kind of way. However, I had to see the fighting, the gambling, and arguing but yet on Sundays we all went to church. Upon reading the word and listening to faith teaching ministers I realize this way is not the way God wanted us to be. So as a young girl, I told myself I was going to get married and all my children would be by the same man. One day I met that man who is still my husband to this day but I had to share with him that the doctors said I could not have any children. The doctors didn't know the great Physician. God's miracle power opens my womb and I gave birth to our first child which was our daughter. Now my husband already had 2 daughters from previous relationships but this was ours together. My husband prayed and asked God for a son to carry on his name. God blessed us with 3 sons. Our journey leads us down some hard times. Some very trying times. Two of our sons were murdered and 1 is presently incarcerated. The reason for this part of my story is that God answered our prayers. He gave us sons. The word teaches us that we are overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. So our testimony in this that we share to other mothers and fathers you can make it. God will and has healed us from the hurt and pain. See this book came from my pain. I was feeling why would God allow me to give birth then I lose the sons that we prayed for. I needed to know how God felt about me. How did God see me? This is why I can say I am Perfect. God fearfully and wonderfully made me. Being in ministry for all these years God let me know we all are made in his image and after His likeness. That image and likeness are Perfection. Now I know who and what I am. This book will inspire you to believe in who God says you are and not what others may think or say about you. The one who created everything created you.
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ISBN: 9781662849657
ISBN-10: 1662849656
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2022
Pages: 42
Language: English