Soul Divided: Gaining Perspective Through Poetry (Paperback)

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Soul Divided: Gaining Perspective through Poetry consists of a collection of poems written over a wide range of topics including some from my personal life as well as some with a biblical, theological, and psychological focus. These were written because I believe that we all face the same problems, at least at the core, so the solutions would likewise be somewhat similar. I seek to point out some of the problems by using my own experiences and by telling stories that the reader might relate to. Although some of these poems are the problem/solution type, some are not, but all were written to pierce right into the heart of the reader. I also believe that in most of our lives, the answers to our questions are typically right in front of us, but a slight adjustment in perspective is needed in order to see them, which is what I try to make the reader aware of.

As the title implies, we are most often torn between the different realities that we experience--things that we want to do and the things that we actually do--highlighting the spiritual battle that goes on internally. I would say that most people want to better their lives but are either too stubborn to admit it, don't know how, or they keep postponing the process, claiming that there is plenty of time in life to change. It is my attempt to persuade the reader in a few of these poems, but all of them offer a different perspective regarding their respective topics, which I think the reader would enjoy.

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ISBN: 9781685704353
ISBN-10: 1685704352
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Pages: 86
Language: English