Ennobling Business for Success (Paperback)

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The soul of an organization is the character of that organization. From that organizational character stems the behaviors, values, and actions that drives the organizational economic engine. Since excellence is a habit demonstrated by consistent behavior, the human capital attraction and development becomes the new frontier of organizational excellence.

Ennobling Business for Success provides a blueprint for organizations to understand and flip the script on the great resignation, pivot it into the great business mindfulness opportunity, and embrace the three core values propagated by the Ennobled for Success (TM) Institute:

-Inspire the human spirit so each soul feels valued and could live its full potential.
-Ignite the sense of purpose to mindfully build a fulfilling life.
-Influence by design to thrive and leave a legacy of ennobling.
The insights and lived experiences of 14 international professionals and authors are featured as a roadmap for organizational transformation at this pivotal time.

We have the opportunity to leave the business world and modern capitalism better than we found it. I invite you to come aboard to take the co-creative transformational ride of our generation! A ride of our shared purpose. A ride of our shared humanity. A ride of our shared happiness.
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ISBN: 9781735955551
ISBN-10: 1735955558
Publisher: Kashenry Inc
Publication Date: October 21st, 2022
Pages: 142
Language: English