Nosey Beast: Natural history of the coatis (Paperback)

Nosey Beast: Natural history of the coatis By Christine C. Hass Cover Image
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Nosey Beast is the first comprehensive work on the coatis. Combining the results of her decades of study on wild and captive white-nosed coatis with other studies done in North, Central, and South America, Christine Hass paints the most complete picture available of these fascinating members of the raccoon family. The book provides new insights on how tropical and sub-tropical environments have influenced social behavior and communication of these gregarious animals. It examines the evolution and distribution of the several species of coatis and relates coatis to the rest of the carnivore order and the procyonid family. It takes us inside the annual cycle of the coati to provide detailed looks at coati ecology, social organization, mating patterns, food habits, ranging behavior, and relationships with predators and parasites. Throughout, it provides intimate descriptions of her primary study area, and how seasonal changes are reflected in coati behavior and ecology, especially in the timing of birth seasons. And finally, it examines their relationships with people in the past and present, including looking for archaeological evidence of coatis and examining current management practices throughout their range. Nosey Beast is a valuable reference for biologists and wildlife managers, as well as anyone interested in these attractive and entertaining mammals.

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ISBN: 9781736606308
ISBN-10: 1736606301
Publisher: Wild Mountain Echoes
Publication Date: March 26th, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English